What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

I cannot disagree more.

There are no excellent things about coffee.


You may read all of the posts you see today. However, when you die tomorrow, the posts will go unread and no one will know it. Yet, this is not a complaint or as you say a “gripe” for we all secretly yearn for death.


I quite agree. I mean, I don’t drink it at all, but it smells terrible.


We’re surrounded by monsters!



Indeed. I would rather have no coffee than cold coffee.


After several failed attempts/phone calls have a replacement dishwasher basket ordered for the parents. :+1:

The plastic coating on the metal tines had failed on a few and rust has quickly deteriorated them to where they’re not supporting the plates. :rage:

Talked to the sales rep at Marcone, who said that this basket will include all the inserts and wheels… fingers crossed, otherwise will need to order those parts as well… after the incomplete part arrives. :crossed_fingers:


I’m not a huge coffee lover, but cold coffee is especially unpleasant.

On average I drink two pots of coffee a day : /



I thought this was the non complaint thread. Wow.


My BIL had surgery yesterday to get the tumors out of his guts and they say it went well and the surgeon is pleased with the outcome. His surgery ended up starting a few hours late so he didn’t even come around until the evening, so we will perhaps talk to him today. But so far so good.


Smiling because I am not obligated to do anything special today!!!

(am I the only female that DGAF about Valentine’s day…in fact, hate it…sometimes we do anti-Valentine’s day, which is fun!)


We don’t do anything for Love Day, either. Neither one of us is bothered.

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I’m making marinated beef-tips over rice for Valentine’s Day. It’s really just a gift to myself that I’m sharing

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The wife and i were talking last night and we think the last time we did anything special for Valentines was over 20 years ago.

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Nope! Been fighting VDay culture for years with the Power of Not Caring


I only care about today insomuch as it is Vic Morrow’s birthday!

Otherwise, I refer to it as such:


I used to love Caramel Fraps. But I didn’t really think of it as coffee, more a really sweet, really delicious cold desert with lots of whipped cream on top. What a treat they were.

And I should complaint about not getting enough sleep the last few days, but can’t, if only because whenever I think about retirement, I get giddy and lay there with a stupid grin on my face. Hard to gripe about being so happy about something.

So, for Valentines Day, some XTC (even though I don’t have a valentine in my life) just because this is how I feel…

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I accidentally washed my phone with the laundry, and it came out unscathed.


Hmmm…for once that idiot guy in charge of assigning docks for line-hauls about late-afternoon, evening didn’t play some execrable techno-pop-disco music.

Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Creedence, Skynyrd…hmmmm…

I suspect that might be a subtle jibe agin us those us who are…ahem…thirty-nine…or even a few others who are older…and would have preferred to have no nothing, but I don’t mind hearing “Have a Cigar” or “Deacon Blues.”

And he didn’t screech over the two-way radio asking for “halp! halp!” as much as usual, so that was nice!