What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

You should indeed know better, because it’s an ACTIVE RINGING ENDORSEMENT of Big Cheese’s agenda.


I like sweet wines. Tawny is less sweet, wring?

I find a lot of variation in sweetness even within both tawny and ruby ports. The best way I can describe the difference is that ruby tastes more like the grapes and tawny tastes more like the wood.

I find tawnys have a warmer taste. Raisins for sure and because tawnys are fortified you also get some of the brandy or whatever the other alcohol is.

If you like sweeter wines, have you tried muscatos or anything Botrytis (noble rot)?


I have not.

muscato d’asti is a nice sippin wine. Sweet without being cloying.

This is one of my favorites:

Hard to find in stores, but you can order it online (assuming you live in a state that allows it)


I like super sweet.

Tawnies are also sweet but as they have had more surface area contact with wood than rubies, they tend to be more raisin-flavored than a red wine. For the record, they do not add brandy to wine to make port (which was also my misconception). They use “wine spirits”.

Also, you won’t find a year unless that harvest (across all vineyards) is determined to be an exceptional year, and those become Vintage ports and $$$. Another fun fact: a 10-year port indicates the average age of the ports used in the blend. So ##-year ports can have big differences between brands.


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Whoa, I was right?!

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Well, I guess I’m smiling because I choose to remember only one thing about port: supposedly Kerouac used to drink a lot of it because it was sweet and you can easily find it in small bottles. [fingers-in-ears]lalalalalla[/] I can’t hear you! It was the Thunderbird of its day. Well, anyway.

Happy others enjoy their wines. I certainly enjoy my own libations of choice, usually.

Smiling because “it’s spring again, birds are on the wing again…” and however the rest of the tune goes.

No kidding. I hear four distinct species from my open window at home. I’ll tolerate the catkins from the red alder for that. It’s got a good beat and one could dance to it.

Someone used ‘cloying’!!!


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But I don’t have any port. :frowning:


This concludes my lecture on the subject of port wine. Please tip generously to help offset the cost of my research trip. And fund the next one. :wink:


This is great, I know where to find muh port nerds.

I anticipate requiring the services of a port nerd almost never, which is why I’ll almost certainly need one like next week.


Wait! There was also white port and zinfandel port at the place in Rochester!

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Also, this is apparently in Wisconsin Dells and it’s very silly and I really want to go.


Pretty much all of the text is great.

Do not click on ‘virtual tour.’ Whatever it is, they want you to pay $10 for it.


I have a bottle of white port that I brought back. We were told that it’s pretty much only good for mixing with tonic to make a “Porto tonico”.

Zinfandel ports are from California and therefore “port-styled” wine. It says so on the internets.

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This much port means a whole lot of left turns, I think we’re back where we started.


I’m beginning to think we need an alcohol thread… which has now led me to singing the lyrics to Generation Landslide in a loop in my brain (it’s become an ear worm)

“Alcohol and razor blades and poison and needles”

Which would be a fantastic thread title… that would be instantly flagged. :grin:

I haven’t drunk much since my college days… oh, aside from partaking of the Holy Spirit during Mass on Sundays, but I haven’t done that since the 90s. (I’m surprised my Sainted mother hasn’t been haunting me… “Son, go back to Mass, sure and be a good boy for your grieving ma”, her ghost would say with an Irish accent)