What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

One of my most favoritest albums of all time.


How to guarantee that DAV never finds Jeebus (behind the couch with that missing sock).


Meh. I’m agnostic; not about to become Catholic. Too much work if you ask me. Also, as I don’t believe in their version of God, I don’t think I’d be welcome much. LOL Which is ironic, since one of my responsibilities as her godmother would be to ensure my goddaughter continues for as long as she desires in the church if something were to happen to her parents. It wouldn’t be a burden for me though; I may be agnostic, but I don’t try to tell people what I think they should believe. If I lay claim to any religion it would be Unitarian Universalism, which says that each person’s spiritual journey is theirs and theirs alone and no one can tell another person what to believe, so if (deity forbid) something happened to my friends, I would ask Beatrice what she wants to do and would help her in any way I could.


I guess I would consider myself a Deist.

I passed my housing inspection and cleaned my apartment top to bottom.


Had a nice meal with my nuclear family, nephews included, at Pepita’s nearby. I was the only one to arrive on time so I got to get started on some reposado tequila with a beer back.

Had my coat and tie still on, and sunglasses on…and somehow the waitstaff didn’t laugh at my pathetic attempts to say things in Spanish (no, I don’t speak Spanish!).

/* OH and, yes, I managed to not make eye contact with nor greet either my sister or her husband…the grudge continues, yet I stood strong! */

I don’t know. I suppose I’m technically Catholic (well…“cultural Catholic”…meaning I truly don’t believe…but keep up appearances…you know…because…well, you guess, because I really don’t know…gives me something to do…there is the notion that baptism leaves an indelible mark, but TBH I just know about that stuff because am a nerd who likes reading XIIè writers and such)…but I just like memorizing things and it keeps my Latin fresh. And all the kneeling keeps me limber.

And then there’s this little number as well:


No, the ordinary mass does not contain all the rosary prayers, so there is extra homework!

And I can’t remember what Francis il Papa did authorize to the Pater noster…the final “line” (et ne nos inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a malo)…mmmm…not going to look it up. Not that interested!

There’s an The Adventures of Pete and Pete episode about this issue.

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I did some art I was proud of today!


My disability from the VA went up to 50% from 20%, which is a big bump in the amount I get paid from them (over $700 more).


I like the name and logo for the new San Francisco WNBA team.


I just explained the difference between furries and plushies to the Zoomer and she said “how do you know this?” and I told her that I am older than her mortal internet.

I’m honestly not sure they’re prepared for Gen X senior citizens.


This cheap EVA case destined for my silly little Yamaha Reface CP came early today.

Fits perfectly. No, was not designed for the Reface line-up…don’t remember what it was advertised for…but the dimensions inside are spot on.

I wasn’t so much keen on leaving the Reface on the passenger seat unprotected…sunlight, and some of the toggle switches are pretty wimpy…plus if I was parked anywhere in public, I’d not have anything like that visible to window-smashing fiends. Even at work it could be a bit dicey…nah, everybody knows me and my car and stuff and that I’m kind of a dick there, but at other sites for the same company, wouldn’t risk it.

Nice. Fits like a glove, and was about thirty dollars for the case. TBH…it feels like about five bucks worth of product for what it is…but, what am I going to do? Hand sew my own case, with zippers and all that? Nope.

Wouldn’t call it an obsession, but I like to have dedicated cases for equipment I use and value…just helps keep organized and minimizes landing greasy side up. Keeps the wheels between the ditches.

/* And here it is closed.

Apparently people actually play these things live…I find the action totally unsuited for any kind of actual playing, but I’d bring it alond as a module to drive an 88-key fully weighted board, or even play this (especially the Clav and the Wurli) from my Fauxmonde Clonewheel…I can deal with that action from my clonewheel boards/manuals.

No, there’s no room inside for a sustain pedal (which I’d never use with this if I were just plinking around with it), meh…could probably cram the little AC wall wart in there, but I “invested” a bit in AA rechargeables and she’s not that thirsty when it comes to power.

P=IV. Hehe. Oh come on, you know we’ve all thought it since beginning physics classics!

So that’s one more case/bag to carry with me to the car every day.

But it’s worth it

Not that I don’t still love the guitar, but I can’t be inadvertently smashing the windows with the headstock while playing along to somebody or just transcribing stuff off records.

I love this little guy, the Reface CP. Got a case for it now, so, it’s going with me now in padded style.

Yeah, the mini-sized keys are not so much a problem, but forget about doing anything like Herbie, Chick, or anybody with the action. It will give you the notes, and superb tone, but it’s not possible to play anything technical on it.

But, for basslines and rhythm work on the Clav it’s great. I’ve only played on a real Clav like, maybe twice. And the Wurli as well is good for what it’s traditionally been used for.

You just can’t go tear it up on the more traditional Rhodes piano (nor the “secret” acoustic piano sample [or modelled? don’t remember, but is kind of a hassle to access] like George Duke or Herbie or Chick or whoever. Or whom? :laughing:

But it is perfect for what it is, and we love our new little gal who has her own bed to sleep in.

That is some excellent logo design. Whoever did that deserves an award.


So for the watch party, I was distracted for the first 15 minutes or so.

Why am I smiling? Because my sister was at an auction, and I was watching for updates.

The Calaveras County Fair had an auction for work done by the industrial arts students. Her granddaughter (my grandniece) had some items there. (Login shouldn’t be needed)

Her tables are in there, but the go by quick, so -

They went for $1600

Yeah, Uncle John is a proud uncle!


Those are beautiful! I have a couple of end tables I made from live edge walnut (from The Lumber Shack) but they aren’t anywhere as cool as those.


The artist -

The artist in her younger days -


Why study industrial arts? Oh, crap! I just summoned a creepy kid who’s going to yammer on about the smell of fresh wood chips and sawdust, didn’t I?


Those Nakashima style tables are great.


Nice old day for a stroll ‘bout town. Notwithstanding midday sun madness gripping a proportion of the population (the town centre this evening will be a mess)


Trying a new ice cream flavor, cherry fudge chunk. It is delightful. It has occurred to me that there will always be new ice cream flavors to try, and that is a very happy thought worth smiling about.