What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

It always annoyed me that Latitude 0N Longitude 0E is in the middle of the ocean. I want to step there.


I may have gotten up at 1am today, but I’ve caught up on my work (working from home until the sun comes up), am on my 2nd cup of coffee, watching cycling on my new subscription, and am 6 days away from going on an adventure.

Not a bad morning, all things considered.


Finally got eight hours of sleep…it’s been a while!

But managed to be asleep at my target hour of 1900 local time.

Of course, that meant I didn’t have time to send a kind of complicated off-hours e-mail to one of my bosses, but whatever.

At least I had time to log in here, which is more important! And I had coffee made from yesterday, so that’s good!

And there’s beer on the sun!

Not so bad!


I suppose you could step there…but it would be a very long step. :slight_smile:


Or a very deep one.


Enjoying some decent in-room coffee for once.


Well, there’s a weather buoy there, you could step on that.


Null Island! But if it’s drifted just a few inches off the point, the spell won’t work.


Me too! I went to Hawaii for a few days once and I took over 5000 pictures :joy:

Come on over and share at the newly created Nature Photography thread


I was scrolling through Twitter as usual, until… something amazing happened.
I wish I was joking, but I’m not. I got great news that Bear in the Big Blue House is coming to Disney+ next month!!!

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Revealed a big plot element in my game today. I loved seeing my players guess where things were going, especially because I was worried during planning that they were going to catch on immediately, which they most certainly did not!



  • Best friend’s ankle turned out to be a minor bone bruise, is already resolving, and has been cleared to run the marathon next weekend.

  • Got my phone battery swapped out and it’s now holding a charge!

  • My favorite cyclist just revamped his merch and logo, so they’re having a huge sale on the old stock and we got a ton of stuff - hoodies, posters, shirts, flags, bracelets, socks, a freaking umbrella! - for $60. (Tadej Pogacar, if anyone was wondering.)

  • I am, for the first time in a LONG time, caught up on work, so I am now getting to relax with a cup of coffee on the clock before I go into the office. (In my “Hit Me Swazye One More Time” mug, if anyone was wondering.)

I reaaaalllly can’t complain about anything this morning. Except maybe the sleep deprivation. :crazy_face:


This Sunday, we are going to see an old friend from High School. She is Hungarian and moved back to Hungary after college and we have only seen her once in the intervening 20+ years. We love her so much, she’s so sweet and we can’t wait to meet her kids and have her meet ours. It’s been so long and I’m so excited!


Had a good time spending about five hours onboarding a whopping two new hires in a conference room.

Lots of boiler plate stuff, took them on a tour of the facility, we did some required modules of self-guided tutorials. Once I found where they hid the big TV, an HDMI cable, and a scanner for the laptop, it was no big deal.

But the real pleasure is that these were two really great kids! Clean-cut, attentive, well-behaved, picked up on everything right quick.

They’re going to do just fine as part of our small dispatch team. A pleasure to be in front of a classroom again, and especially with some great “students” to work with.


Got a nice compliment from the senior learning coordinator via e-mail today after I gave him a post-mortem of my onboarding of some kids (young adults, really…they had a bit more on the ball that your average punk kids).

Even the module that glitched out (a long one about all aspects of “Problem Solve”…which is way beyond what they needed to know) registered as credited for everyone, including me (I took it just to follow along in case of questions, &c., and there was some stuff I didn’t even know, or had forgotten, in there).


I had a great haircut yesterday. A little expensive, but it was worth it.


Decorating starts in 3 days!!!1!


I got great news from my mom. The prime minister of Japan announced that the country’s gonna reopen next month on the 11th…


Last night I dreamt that I was hanging out with the current lead singer of Nightwish (just a band I’ve loved since 2005) and she was so chill and beautiful - thank you universe for my brain. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve been enjoying the HECK out of N++.