What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

I went to pick up some things for my mom who is home sick with Covid…

Did you know those Binax home tests are TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS A BOX now?

WTF? Nothing like making it practically impossible for anyone to test out of isolation.



My ride-share at work insisted I have not one but two pieces of Turkish Delight (a candy imported from Turkey!).

Then as I was leaving his car, he insisted I take the whole box, and he will not ever take “no” for an answer. In this case, admitting that he wasn’t that wild about Turkish Delight. Whereas I am.


Is your ride share the White Witch??? :flushed:


That is funny! He mentioned that little bit from CS Lewis (I don’t think I read those Narnia ones as a kid).

I think that must be where he heard of it.

Not sure how he found out about Halva: he loves the stuff, as do I, but apparently none of his family does, so that was a fun few days…he didn’t give me the whole container, though!


I complained in the gripe thread about the slowness of my pizza delivery.

I now have my pizza. It is delicious and can I just say that I love that Marco’s allows me to request well-done pizza? I hate when pizza is only barely not doughy. I much prefer it to be a little dark.

I am no longer complaining. :smiley:


So this just happened on Twitter…

Kim Cattrall posted a silly selfie. I don’t know why Twitter decided to randomly drop it into my TL, but I felt compelled to to reply, and…

So that makes my day.


That might be the first good thing I’ve ever seen come out of Twitter.


Had the absolute best week in a long time. It started with a job offer. Then a friend from St. Louis visited for a few days. We (finally–got the tickets in 2020) saw New Order and Pet Shop Boys together. Got our nails done, had Mexican food, visited Kramers (now my favorite indie bookstore in DC). Showed her our local Irish pub. Then last night, got home from my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house to watch Albert Pujols hit his 699th and 700th home runs.

Not bad at all.


There is a (modern, obviously) castle near us and they have a medieval fair every year. We’re going to the ren fest tomorrow! Maybe I’ll get a leather mug!


Just don’t call them community theater rejects! :slight_smile:


I don’t get to punch Harlequin?


Unfortunately, you’re not Batman.

Er, run that one by me again?


Are you sure?

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Batman would not leave so much blackmail material lying around in a place where it can easily be made fun of.

And yet FlyingSquid is one of the more recurring members in the Out of Context Comics thread.


That clip made me smile: I only faintly recall that classic skit. Letter from Paul to the Corinthians II, 12. Psalms 91. John 3:16. Leather.

Watching TV’s Frank go ape*&(* on the Bobo dolls made it all worthwhile.

Final answer!

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Go Away GIF


Starting a new day job as a Clerk at a gas station Monday morning.
Will be making 1.60 more an hour doing what I was doing before.
Plus it’s a good 5 miles closer to home.
So far I like their store lay-out more as well.

They also seem to be less busy than my previous clerk job. From mid-spring until November in an 8 hour shift my register alone would bring in 10,000 to 15,000 dollars a day from anywhere between 250-350 customers for the last almost 2 years.

It’s been a rough couple weeks, unexpectedly had to leave my last gas-station job, took a line cook job a week later for a week that I hated because the boss and store manager were jerk faces covered in stupid, but I’m looking forward to that weekly check again and a chill clerk job. I know I sound like a lunatic here but higher pay, less work, and less gas mileage makes me a happy mad for some crazy unknown reason.


I’m at a comic expo, and since the costume contest is going on, I cosplay as TV’s Frank with his blood replaced with antifreeze. While wandering around, I run into another cosplayer


don’t leave us hanging