What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

My mom is much better after contracting COVID last week, and so far knock on wood it looks like she avoided giving it to my 82-year-old stepdad. Too early to say if she’ll have long term effects but so far so good.


I have a great family. Since I’m single, I don’t have a built-in caregiver for my first few days after my surgery. My oldest sister doesn’t have any kids at home anymore and she doesn’t have to work. I know she still does plenty but she has a more open schedule. So I asked her if she could come and stay with me for my first week after my surgery. She said yes. She’s going to come from Maryland to stay with me for a week just because I asked her to. My other siblings would be willing to come as well, but all of them work in schools and so they can’t right now.

It’s just nice to know that I can lean on my family when I need to, even if it’s from a distance.


You foment, I’m bitter.


I am finishing up a TV series and I just got knocked sideways from a bomb dropped in the episode I just watched. The show ended in 2017, and somehow I managed to not get spoiled at all.

I freaking LOVE that in this day and age, I was totally surprised by something with no hint it was coming. That never happens anymore in this era of binging and instant reactions.

And now I have only three episodes to go. Can’t wait to see how it all ends!


Brought my best friend to her favorite clothing store for the first in person visit since the start of the pandemic and she is so freaking excited. It’s adorable!


I just had a pretty good idea.

So, I’ve got this POS rinky-…stuff music “holder” (like for at most a small volume open to both pages…that can only attach to a vertical surface. The idea was I can put the Hammond-Suzuki XK1 back on top of the digital piano, and still be able to sight read music with the music relatively close to my eyes so I don’t have to wear eyeglasses while playing/annotating charts/&c. Except I didn’t realize the relatively expensive POS was inflexible and incontinent when it comes to any variation from the vertical.

I think I still have a woodworking clamp that attaches to any surface of any width, and at normal/perpendicular angle to that surface, there’s a stout metal thing…that is long.

OK, so, I never became a technical writer, although that is still a dream job for me, but just trust me, this will work fine.

Clamp about the table-top-like “horizontal” surface of the digital piano, thumbscrew the music “holder” onto the exposed shaft, and viola!

I just have to remember where I put that clamp/temporary vise…somewhere around here…you know the type, I think they’re used mostly for furniture repair and stuff, but I have one, I think.


And in addition, my twice-monthly “random” etg UAs are, for the foreseeable future, to be scheduled by me, at whatever times I desire.

Still a major hassle for someone with paruresis, but this is a good thing in general. Cops can’t touch me!

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I JUST GOT NICKELBACK TICKETS, YA’LL! :metal::guitar::metal:

(Any judgement calls on this purchase will be automatically directed to voicemail.)


“SLEEP! In Heavenly Peace!”

I slept for 14 hours, then my back woke me up, so I got up and had a bite, then took a short walk in the slush, then looked around the forum… and then I went back to sleep for 2 and half hours.

Normally I’d be POed that I wasted all that time on my days off (I’m taking a 4-day weekend) but I’ve been so beat n’ tired, and to not have to battle through work, to not think on this upcoming surgery I’m having, to not have to go here or there, or do chores, etc - it was so wonderful to simply drift away (without aid of a pill) for hours and hours. Not a care in the world.



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Oooo, those are rare! You should hold on to them.


haters gonna hate GIF

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Freddie wouldn’t have gone to a Nickelback show either.


Probably not. :laughing: But to be fair, I’ve been to a bunch of Nickelback shows over the years (and my best friend got to party on their tour bus once) and they always put on a GREAT show and we have so much fun. They also have a fantastic sense of humor about themselves, which is awesome.

And I have a little crush on their drummer. :woman_shrugging:


But the real question is, do you ever get your nickel back? If not, they could be open to a lawsuit.


That’s the refund you get from Ticketmaster if you purchase tickets early. You get a nickel back.


This weekend I managed to finish watching the Tour Down Under bike race, watch most of the FA Cup matches, finish Halt And Catch Fire, get completely caught up on The Rings of Power and Cobra Kai, and finish our current season of Project Runway. I also managed to watch a couple movies I’d been meaning to see.

Amazing what entertainment I can get done when I’m not spending all of my down time on chores and errands!


Congrats! I will never mock someone for getting to see something they enjoy. (Well, provided it’s not illegal or something like that.)

I’m getting my hair cut today! And I’m going to try out silver highlights. I’m excited to do something new. Highlights are just fun things for me. I never maintain them. Too expensive. :slight_smile:


DOTT Screenshot2

I got Day of the Tentacle to work on my phone!!! :green_heart: :purple_heart: :woman_cartwheeling:


Having one of my favorite meals tonight - Big Mac Potatoes.

This pleases me.