What are you watching right now???

Doesn’t have to be MST3K or Rifftrax but kudos to you if it is.

If it’s on YouTube or Tubi or another legal service go ahead and post a link if you’re so inclined so others can check it out!!!

Please feel free to participate in this little experiment of mine or just like the hell out of it(I need the attention).


Hey, check this out: the only site you will ever need for MST3K: complete episode list, links to most publicly-available versions online, a somewhat odd rating system, a daily watch-it-together episode, and forums. When I want to watch, I just go there.


Park After Dark on swearnet.com

Its a weekly podcast starring The Trailer Park Boys. They have a bunch of free Trailer Park Boys Podcasts on YouTube from before switching the name to Park After Dark(it’s morning so its after dark but I pay 2 dollars a month for that and other projects from them).

I know it’s a ridiculous and dumb show but its still one of my favorites with MST3K. I like to think I have a wide ranging set of acquired tastes.


That had nothing to do with the post but thanks for the response anyway!!!



I’m watching MST3K’s The Creeping Terror.


That is pretty funny. Sorry. Technically I had the site up, but I wasn’t watching, and I confused myself. I am having a episode of unusual brain fog, and it doesn’t help that I don’t read linearly. Thank you for the heads-up! I’ll make sure this link eventually ends up in an appropriate (possibly new) thread.

I like this thread! It is like a more general version of the Club MST3K Watch-It-Together, where you just watch the episode on the same day whenever you can. It is good to help people feel like they are part of something, even if they may be thousands of miles away and not really talking (or even watching the same movie in this case).

I do this with my autistic daughter every week. She is far away, and she has severe anxiety, so communication is problematic. So I watch an episode of her favorite anime every Sunday night at 10:00 (she is a late riser, but I think she watches later anyway), and I text my thoughts on it and I talk about things I think she loves. It is my first time watching an anime series, so I do have questions, and I ask her in the hopes that it will inspire her to write back. That has worked several times now. She says she likes this whole arrangement, on the rare occasions she is able to respond. It sounds a little sad, but with an autistic person arrangements like this can be better: she would never listen to me so much in person, and her mother and I are still going through post-breakup friction, so it must be even more anxiety-ridden than usual for her (I know her mom supports my efforts from things my daughter says… she has very little filter).

I think the fact that these kinds of non-coordinated watch parties work is closely related to why so many people like to keep the TV on when they are alone. I know it is for me; I know some people somewhere are watching what I am watching, and I feel less lonely. I suspect the perception of the voices of nearby people triggers some psychological motivation system for reinforcing socialization. For what you are doing here, it is just making the connection with other people that matters, not that they are watching the same thing. That is so cool! I be[t] this post has helped or will help someone. It made me happy. Thank you!


No problem and you sound like an awesome dad!

I was a fan of anime as a teen and young adult so its awesome for me that my son and nephew are getting into their teens and getting into more stuff I can relate with them about and through.

If you ever feel like checking out some anime a couple amazing series are Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. They are about 20 years old now, but helped introduce a generation of people to anime on adultswim years ago and both are a good watch.


I have watched a tiny bit of Cowboy Bebop, and of course Akira, and Totoro, although that actually terrified me. I wasn’t sober, but that was partly because I knew it was going to get weird. Oh, and I have watched a few of the anime-style American cartoons that got popular in the 90s, like Samurai Jack. We watch Attack on Titan.

I have never been a fan of anime, and I have avoided it. When we lived together I would make fun of it. Because I was a serious ass. I was an un-awesome dad for a while; granted I was ill. But this turned into a lot of cred when I showed I was willing to embrace what she loves even if I wasn’t keen on it at first. And I make a point of saying how much I enjoy it (I very much do, but it is the company that made the difference at first). Hey, I just realized I need to make a point of telling her specifically that she changed my mind: she knows I don’t do that often. So maybe more cred? I am playing the long game with her, and accumulating credit and credibility are key to my long-term plans to help guide her to adulthood.

I admit I talk excessively about this whenever I can. I don’t think I’m looking for approval or support so much as I’m just super-excited. I had no idea how to keep my daughter engaged, so I tried a hail Mary and she caught the ball. So every Sunday night is wonderful and I enthuse about it to anyone and everyone all week (I don’t get out much). Especially so since my son often stays over on weekends, so I am with her on my computer and he is in the next room on on his, and “family” is achieved for about 40 minutes. It is just like when we used to spend hours, the three of us lined up on the couch, doing our separate things on our computers. It sounds odd, but no one around that house was completely neurotypical anyway.

So yeah, warm fuzzies to all!


Bridget and Mary Jo’s new Rifftrax Presents, it’s another from Mary Higgins Clark, which is pretty boring, but the riffing is very funny

It’s not free, but I’m always gonna support these two with my $ - they are worth it.


Completely understand and I’m a king of running long winded. I’m just fairly excitable and eccentric(if not a little mad) and I like talking.

So no need to apologize or explain here bahd!


Heck yeah!

Enjoy the ones I’ve seen on Tubi with Mary Jo and Bridget. I might just remove the part about it being free post a link. I’m more worried about it being a legal stream.


I’m pretty sure Tubi is kosher. I remember someone from Rifftrax saying that they control what is offered on Tubi like they do on Amazon and Pluto, and apparently some others. I doubt they make much money off of it, but I always feel like I should pay when they give the usual spiel at the end about donating. Weird, because I own nearly all of the episodes on Tubi: I was a couple years too early for the Rifftrax Friends service.


Just had about 20 minutes to kill, so watched a random episode of Archer.


I’ve mostly been watching baseball lately, but when I’m not, I’ve been re-watching 30 Rock, ever since Netflix re-added it.


You’re a king of running long winded? Call me Ishamel!


TPB is a great show


The movie The Dirty Dozen on TCM…later Svengoolie


From Vietnam, When The Tenth Month Comes (1984), on youtube.

[EN,FR,DE] When the Tenth Month Comes (Bao giờ cho đến tháng mười) 1984 Director Đặng Nhật Minh - YouTube


I forgot how much I enjoy hating Outlaw of Gor, but I’m quickly remembering: its so much so that I almost can’t even enjoy hating it.

Host segments aren’t bad at all but I am so meh about everything else. Its like a an old school Hercules movie but some how worse and more grating to me.

I can still manage to love to hate it though. I can’t say the same for Tormented though. That’s one I just love to forget and I’m impatiently waiting from the recent viewing.


Tubi is 100% legit, and I love it. They get a lot of programming from a number of content partners, one of which is Shout Factory, thus giving the channel plenty of offerings in the way of MST3K and RiffTrax.

And they’ve got some pretty sweet movies, too! If you don’t mind watching the occasional commercial break, Tubi delivers the goods.