What are you watching right now???

What an awful poster. Why is there a poster anyway?

But the episode is ok so far.



YEAH, BABY :smiley:

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Some episodes in the '70s series had posters because they were released as movies overseas. I don’t know if that episode was.
That one isn’t too bad an episode, I think, but you can see Falk beginning to play the character increasingly broadly with even more affectations.

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Watched this this evening.

Overall kinda meh. The updates on the songs were hit-and-miss. The new songs were just bad. Lin-Manuel Miranda did such a great job with the music for Moana. Not sure what happened here, if he was trying to match the original style and just missed or what.

The movie is also too long at nearly 2 1/2 hours. It was nice that they tried to give Eric some sort of backstory, the character is pretty thin in the cartoon. The mermaid design and Ursula were well done, but the complaints about how Flounder and Sebastian looked were justified.

Don’t regret watching it, but probably won’t watch it again.

Of all of the live-action remakes Disney has done, Aladdin is probably still my favorite.


Lily’s killer is revealed. Sexiest Man Alive 1987


The 5-hosts episode of SNL, the final one of Season 9.
Joel appears on this episode and does my favorite routine of his, Mystery Date.

“He’s a dream!”

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Road Warrior. Why not, eh?

It’s not an awful episode. There are definitely good ones in this era.

My best guess it the poster is advertising from within the company, maybe? I know a lot of cartoons have specially made title cards that aren’t actually used in the show.

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I appreciate a TV show where psychic powers are shown to be a sham. There’s also a picture of The Amazing Randi on the wall of the magic shop, so I’m guessing he was consulted.

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Stage 21 of La Vuelta España.

Always a bit melancholy because it means my summer has ended. It’s been a good race this year, and I do like it when someone who isn’t expected to win takes the jersey.

Ima…I’m a gonna kick your ass.



It’s All in the Game is a good episode of Columbo with really great lead performances and a really good twist that happens AFTER the gotcha. But it also hinges on Columbo doing something very un-Columbo-like and seeming to fall in love despite being happily married.

Butterfly in Shades of Grey doesn’t deserve it’s overwrought title but it’s a very fun episode with William Shatner REALLY devouring the scenery as a Rush Limbaugh type. And the gotcha is not bad either (though the last moment is a little too much).


The Fearless Vampire Killers

at same time:

And speaking of the Joe Pass, which is really a “watch,” not listen: that’s one of the main things I learned from Dr. John playing piano off his records and all that. All those tag endings and introductions and things…you just got to know them all and be able to do it. I don’t care if it’s playing solo in your house (i.e., my guitar “playing”) or out wilding as I used to do on pianos and organ, you just got to have those together. No question. They can be as corny as fits or as hip as you want, but they’ve got to be there.

No comment yet on Fearless Vampire Killers…it’s a challenging watch, but I am digging it as I have many of Polanski’s other earlier movies. A downbeat kind of movie, despite the lurid subject.

A rare current NC episode I’ll watch. Still my favorite Carrey comedy.

I continue my crusade of watching old Matlock episodes on Prime

Today had a credit for “Unshaven Man”. Bravo!

You mean Frank Collison? An under appreciated talent.

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I’m pretty sure that he was mentioned as a looming baddie in S2 of Mandalorian?