What are you watching right now???

That’s a frame from the Pizza Dominatrix short, right?


At Prime: It has mixed reviews at Tomatoes, but I like a good detective story… so I’m giving a shot in hopes that it is a ‘good’ detective story. Edit: and :+1: enjoyed it, didn’t find it slow or draggy, as some critics did, maybe because the mystery was such a grabber.

Oh, and Good Omens 2, that’s a ‘nope’ from me. I loved the first, didn’t need a second, won’t watch a third.

The Selling Wizard.


Also the Hot Dog guy in The Happening.

Not gonna lie, I burst laughing out loud on opening day during that cheese and crackers scene.

Just started episode 1.

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The latest season of American Horror Story (season subtitle: “Delicate”) just started on FX (Wednesdays) & Hulu (day after). It’s the creepy/fear/suspense/psychological kind of horror so far, a favorite of mine.

First episode’s logline: After multiple failed attempts of IVF, actress Anna Victoria Alcott wants nothing more than to start a family. As the buzz around her recent film grows, she fears that something may be targeting her - and her pursuit of motherhood.

This morning’s stage of the Skoda Tour of Luxembourg. Then I’ll probably just on a random soccer match from last weekend while I’m doing some chores and packing.

Such a terrific film. Bookended by two all-time great action scenes and featuring a lot of very dangerous looking stunts that just seem even more impressive now in these days of CG. Those guys running around on the roofs and diving out of the way of the cars as the shanty town is destroyed must have nerves of steel.

The comedy hits the spot as well so when you’re not thrilled you’re laughing. What makes the film work so well though is that it doesn’t mix the two too much. The action scenes are mostly played straight so they retain a sense of danger and the stunts are more impactful.


Watched with the kid tonight. What can I say, she likes the insane movies.


I just found out that this was the original poster for Head. It’s the head of the guy who did PR for the film. And the trailer is just his head and a narrator talking about who is in the film. The Monkees are never mentioned as a band, just their individual names are read out, so a lot of people didn’t even know it was a Monkees movie.


Yowza! I haven’t watched that in mumble-mumble years. Was Victor Mature really in it? I didn’t appreciate him until 10 or 15 years ago. That critic quote on the poster is hilarious

I will always like Mike Nesmith because he cajoled the Firesigns into making some, uh, interesting videos


Hah, as a Monkees fan, I have watched Head several times, both sober and drunk. Makes about the same amount of sense either way!

(Fun fact, when I saw Davy, Peter, and Micky in 2011, they played huge swaths of the soundtrack during the set. It was pretty groovy, man!)



Some song about learning more from a 3 minute record than school.

Bruce Springsteen Country GIF

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Just want to remind everyone: If you are in a Matlock episode and stumble across a dead body… immediately pick up the nearby weapon barehanded. Thank you


Yes. He plays a giant who tries to kill them while laughing.

According to Mickey Dolenz, they called it Head so that when they made the sequel they could use the tagline “From the People Who Gave You Head”. Mike Nesmith said that wasn’t true, so who knows.

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Apparently a great deal of the green stuff was used when writing the script, and probably other things, so who knows what was come up with?

Watching a rabbit who will, eventually, be named Bugs.


Watched with the kid, who enjoyed how stupid Principal Rooney was.

Rooney eats it, after all.


I wanna be a turned on audience.

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