What are you watching right now???

Well, what the freak do you think I’m watching right now?

That’s right. (No, to my surprise that’s pretty tame…but, if you’re the kind of parent who allows your child to watch clips from the modern classic movie Blue Velvet…well, that’s on you. Personally, I’d consider it a wise choice, but then again maybe I wasn’t dropped head-first down staircases, so perhaps it can be a personal decision between you and your younglings).

That’s the one Rifftrax did a few of, right? I actually bought, like, two of those it seems like, but I don’t think I ever got around to seeing them. Or probably did. I don’t know.

Let me know if you ever make it through it. You’re a man of taste and ability, IMO, so I’d trust your opinon, somewhat.

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And, yeah, sure, I watched the brilliant Ben Vereen through the “final act” of what is, somehow, over the years, turned out to be one of my favorite movies, namely, All that Jazz.

Yes, this time after so many other times before I literally (well, maybe…can’t remember( said to myself “The top spins or it doesn’t you ridiculous imbeciles! It’s a damned movie, like that one you children keep crowing about with the inception and whatever!”

Meh. But it amused me somewhat to recall that line from the cartoon show. Somehow apt.

It’s a goddamned movie, you freaking idiots? Does Joe Gideon die? Probably pretty much! Does Leo Dewhatsiface get to revenge-slay his hysterical weird lady-breeder? Sure, whatever. Does the starchild and the monolith and does … meh … sure it does, honey.

Will Handy J and the Peruvian woman get to know each other better? Probably not. If my intuition is correct, and it usually is, La Peruana would not be with a weak man who would tolerate even emotional infidelities, such as her having a “work husband” purely platonic friends…I very much doubt any such relationship evolving. Not with this one.

If she’s with this fella, it’s for a reason, and it’s not for the reason that his wife be “work friends” with this here chunk of man meat. I don’t see it, and they don’t have kids, so that’s that.

There used to be a nice symbol that “Bourbaki” used to signal "dangerous bend:…well, look it up if you want, but it is how it sounds and looks very similar to a street sign. For some reason my RH thumb is getting tired and sore, therefore I should have 800mg of ibuprofen stat per os.

This whole series on their YouTube channel is amazing.


Watched an episode of The Snoop Sisters

A stellar cast of guest stars on this one: Sam Jaffe, Victor Buono and Geraldine Page. The bad part is the first and last were only in two scenes and Mr. Buono was only in one (but at least he wasn’t a villain for a change). The story is a little weak and the denouement felt a little disappointing. I still love that Snoopmobile they drove around in. Anybody know what kind of vintage car that was?

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Mom used to watch and liked the Snoop Sisters, Alice Cooper was on an episode that I watched with her, and she thought he was great (she liked scary movies, and actors like Vincent Prince and Karloff, and Alice was like them in her mind, just putting on a scary show. I had an aunt and a grandparent who’d give me a hard time for having his albums, but mom was like, no, he’s cool)

I always enjoy watching those, to see what they pick and what they have to say. The last one I watched was from one of my favorite directors, Christian Petzold, whose very enthusiastic, he made me smile.

Here he is in his “city of movies” (he too, selected Barbara, and I love that he took People on Sunday, which is one I own)


My favorite so far was Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn. But I have a feeling that there aren’t a massive number of My Dinner With Andre fans here.

Patton did recommend a Sam Fuller film I haven’t seen though, Shock Corridor.. I’m going to watch it soon.


He gets on the top shelf, and finds Pale Flower, awesome pick, I love it too. While noir had faded in the States, there were still examples of it in Japan. So thumbs up for finding that one, Patton.

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The soundtrack doesn’t appear to be on YouTube. I’d like to hear it.

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I started watching My Dinner with Andre once.

And I’d had such great hopes for it!


The John Waters episode is a standout because it shows he is still a low budget filmmaker at heart (it’s all done in one shot with no cuts or edits) and he displays his talent as a showbiz raconteur and as a bonus, he slips in a backhanded compliment to Roger Ebert – all in just 4 minutes.


Here is the picture with David Lynch he mentioned.


The NBC Mystery Movies: The Cars of Columbo, Banacek…and The Snoop Sisters

“… appears to be a 1925 or ’26 Lincoln sedan with LeBaron coachwork.”


i mean, if Bono is within the large glowing orb of ads, it must be worth it, right?

Can you imagine the conversation at that lunch?


Watching 8½ while on acid… for a movie that’s a trip already… Hmm. I’ve never partaken of it myself so I can’t even imagine what that was like.

And he would select Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, lol. That was trashy as hell, but oddly compelling trash, with groovy music. I remember thinking, geez this is terrible, but also wonderful in a weird way. I can see how it later became a cult classic.

There’s not much of it (the score), but what there is adds a discordant undercurrent to scenes where its used. Not really music for listening, but for evoking a mood.


Watching the 1955 movie Guys & Dolls based on the stage play of the same name with Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Stubby Kaye. I love that song “Fugue for Tinhorns” though to be honest, I know the song more from the 1984 film Oh God! You Devil!


Love Stubby Kaye in that one, he steals the show with Sit Down Your Rockin’ the Boat


Did this double feature today.


Got to the Hodor episode on GOT, first character death that made me sad.

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Was it better or worse than Dogma?

Neither of these are as good as Dogma, but I absolutely love Dogma, so it isn’t necessarily a fair comparison.

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