What are you watching right now???

I’m sure there are others out there in the world, and if you’re a longtime film buff you had a head start on it, even before they were first published. I can’t imagine anyone starting from 0 (I mean really, not Casablanca, or the Godfather, not the Disney’s as a kid?)

Finished it up just now, and to mark the occasion I jotted my thoughts on the movie. (not a masterpiece, but a fascinating watch - I’m happy with it as the last piece of the puzzle)


Enjoying it so far.

Edit: It’s funny how much I think about how the scenes would look in the game while I watch.

Cinema Snob May 1984 in Film on his Patreon page.

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Watching YouTube videos of Europeans trying American foods…like this one of two Brits eating Southern USA food.

I’m somewhat surprised as I’ve seen a number of videos where foreigners slam USA food as disgusting. These guys like the food here though like the biscuits & gravy, the bottomless sweet tea and the desserts.

Um . . . no thanks.



That was a spelling error - I meant to say SWEET tea and I corrected it.

Am I an idiot.


Another video with the same two guys trying Texas barbecue - and they like it!!

An episode of Password Plus from 1980 with Patrick Wayne of Beyond Atlantis.

(He’s on the show, I’m not watching with him.)

We showed it to the kid last night. It’s been so long since I could see someone be absolutely astonished by what happens after he takes the red pill.

Too bad they never made any sequels to that movie because it seems like it ended in a way that would lend itself well to sequels.


Not very well conveyed by the expressions on their faces…

Punisher War Zone is the only Punisher movie that understood the assignment, for the most part. It’s dumb and violent but at least it’s trying to have fun with it. It sags in the middle a bit when trying to do some pathos but the first act and final act are a lot of fun. Also, bazooka parkour.

Also, Dominic West should play John Cena’s brother in a movie.


FWIW: If people don’t put a YouTube McStupidFace on their thumbnails, they will get far, far, far fewer clicks. :roll_eyes: :person_shrugging:

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Watching this retro Coco Goya TV commercial from the 1980s; I remember this running on my local television stations then, both this English one and a Spanish language version!

This product is coconut cream which is shown for use as a mixer for drinks but can also be used for cooking.

On another note, it must be a hassle to go through life with a can for a head!

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In honor of last night’s “movie of the week”, and in honor of my own Neanderthal heritage -

A Day at the Races

Esther Muir: “Why, I’ve never been so insulted in my life!”
Groucho: “Well, it’s early yet.”



Just started this one…


What a weird coincidence! I showed the first two episodes to my wife for the first time last night! I really love that show. It is innovative, funny, weird as heck, very disturbing at times, and Noah Hawley had a complete story planned over three seasons which he got to execute to his satisfaction.

And it makes me cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Aliens TV series he’s showrunning.

Also, it has such a cool cast… Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement, Amber Midthunder (who played the lead in Prey), Jean Smart, Bill Irwin…