What are you watching right now???

Yes, but reviewers of the set were saying that after you do that and the episode begins, an icon pops up whenever there’s an effect that was updated.

Well, I never saw a popup and I have watched both versions of every episode at least once. Maybe they changed it in later releases, got mine as soon as each season came out.

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Very cool. Looks like a poster for a film “inspired” by the Indiana Jones movies.

Very interesting stuff.

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I’ve heard of Buc-ee’s and want to go!

I also enjoy these videos where Italians, Brits, Australians, etc. visit the USA and try the restaurants, shop at places like Coscto and Bass Pro Shops, and so on.


I never saw that particular flavor of jerky, but I go direct to the Bohemian Garlic flavor. Good stuff. But they probably have a flavor you would like.

Jerky bar -

Prepackaged jerky wall

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I realized the wonderful video rental place down the street would probably have a copy of the old DVD set, and they do. I’m watching it now and I enjoy this a little more than the remastered version. I might pick up a used copy of this set.

Weird, I just saw someone on a train out of London wearing a Buc-ee’s shirt.


The last Peanuts film released theatrically until the CG animated film in the 2000s. My daughter wanted to see it after I described it as being really dark for a Peanuts film, although admittedly it was a lot less dark than I remembered it, mostly because the really dark part is compressed into the last third of the film.

But Charlie Brown and Linus sleeping in a stable to hide from the possibly abusive Baron who doesn’t want them on the fair while his niece sneaks out to see them is pretty dark. And then the chateau burns down and the girl and Linus almost die.

Also interesting to me- Lucy has one single line in the film. It’s the “and don’t come back” on the poster.

Anyway, I discovered after a little Googling that Bill Melendez, director of many of the Peanuts specials and long-time voice of Snoopy and Woodstock actually started doing features at Disney like Pinocchio, moved over to WB and worked under Bob Clampett doing Looney Tunes until he started directing them himself, and then moved over to UPA where he animated Gerald McBoingBoing.

Most of that time, he was credited as J. C. Melendez, but he went by Bob when he moved over to doing Peanuts.

And he didn’t stop with Peanuts. He was still animating in 1992 when he worked on the (in my opinion) unfairly maligned Cool World. Dude was animating from 1940 to 1992. Incredible.


Continuing our at home marathon of documentaries on DVD:

Let There Be Light (1946)

The last film made by John Huston for the Army during his time serving the Signal Corps during and just after World War Two. It depicts returning soldiers treated for what we would now call post-traumatic stress disorder at a military mental health hospital. Apparently this was too demoralizing for the Army to allow it to be shown until the 1980’s.

Everything shown is supposed to be real – no recreations or staged occurrences – and some of the treatments, via hypnosis or sodium amytal, seem miraculous. A soldier who can’t walk regains the use of his legs; one who has a severe stutter is able to talk normally.

Notable also for showing the hospital being fully integrated, at a time when the US Army was segregated.


On weekend mornings we like to watch cartoons with breakfast, because that’s what Saturdays are for, dagnabbit! Today we went with a Batman TAS episode about Clock King. Most people talk about the big, recurring villains, and for good reason, but this episode is such a good example of the strengths of the show.

Yeah, the idea that being an efficiency expert somehow gives you the physical prowess to fight Batman is really silly, but it’s a fun idea for a villain. It’s got the revenge over a perceived slight (this time unwarranted, which is an interesting change) angle, plus the ridiculously overblown scheme to pull it off. The Clock King himself has a good design and isn’t played off as camp, and he never actually goes by his supervillain name. Every time I see it I think it’s like someone refined the Batman TAS villain origin plot down to an episode you could use as a template.

I just like it, is all.


I still hold that Batman TAS is one of if not the best version of the character.

Clock King was fun because we wasn’t the typical thug like Daggett, or nutters like Penguin and Joker. He was intelligent, and precise, and was even a bit more scary because he was so calculating.


Possibly, possibly. Counterpoint:


OK, the TAS version wins.


Currently: Sisu Kinda weird (wondering how he eats and breathes (under water!)) but a fun ride!

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You should really just relax


A couple of westerns - seen all the greats and most of the goods, so I’m hunting around for the ‘not bad’s’

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moving this post to another thread…

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No, have no idea why. Seemed like a good idea right now.


So amazing to see this show again! It’s not available anywhere, but I guess that’s what the Internet Archive is for. They have a bunch of episodes.

. VH1's Pop-Up Video - S02E04 - The Big 80's - 1998.01.22 : Woody Thompson,Tad Low : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive