What are your Roger Corman "Bests & Worsts"?

It helped that four of them were written by Richard Matheson.

Details! Or would the Mods not approve?


In a nutshell, it was very dangerous (in large part due to the traditional low budget), actors pretty much did their own sets, and people really did get hurt.

I found it funny that the very first reply to my question was the movie that I had in mind as well. Of all his work, I’m most familiar with the Poe movies. I’ve seen each of them at least a couple of times. I’ve seen a few other Corman movies, but I never really went out of my way to seek out his work. For example, I’d never seen any of the ones MST riffed before seeing them on the show.

This is a video YouTube thought I would be interested in and, for once, their algorithm was right. I’ve not watched any of this guy’s videos before but here he offers an interesting appraisal of Corman’s –

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Corman produced The Haunting of Morella, which I actually saw in the theater. I was the only one in the audience.

Which is more than it deserved (and I’m assuming none of you have seen it, since no one’s brought it up).

David McCallum (whom I have long loved and adored) in his ‘inside a bottle’ phase, lots and lots and lots of female parts and modern underwear, go figure. It wouldn’t have been that bad if they’d cut out all the nudity, really. A not bad gothic horror movie that the breasts didn’t help.


I have not seen it, but, based on your review, I now want to. I do not believe that there exist a movie that breast do not help. They cannot save a bad movie, true, and plenty of 1/2 star (or worse) movies have them.

But to claim that they are not an improvement, and actually neutral, or worse? That I need to see for myself.

For research purposes only, of course.

Edit to add -

Think my vote would also go for “Battle Beyond the Stars” and for his segment in “Creepshow” (The one with Hal Holbrook and the ancient thing in the crate).

It has a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so be forewarned.

However, if you’re only watching it for the nudity, you shouldn’t be disappointed.