What can I do?

Hi all,

Denver area MSTie here and I’m very sad to see that my whole region is being skipped on this tour. I think the nearest show is in Omaha, a mere 550 miles away.

I was shocked since previous tours had shows in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Now we have nothing scheduled.

I tend to buy a ton of merch and get the VIP swag (even though I never did receive all of it from the CO Springs show).

Is there anything I can do to maybe get a show within a couple hundred miles of a major metropolitan area? Do I email venues? Tweet to Joel? Is there anything I can do or am I SOL (and that’s NOT Satellite of Love)?

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Has it been confirmed that the current schedule is the final one?

Funny thing. When I saw the topic title, I thought it was going to be about this.

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I feel like it’s between quite awhile since they announced any new dates. I also thought they were filming new episodes next Spring, but I might have that wrong.

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The touring cast starts filming in about two weeks, before they leave for tour. My guess is more dates will keep being added for the spring. If Des Moines gets a show and Denver doesn’t, I will be shocked.


Hey, if all of my concern is just because I have the filming schedule wrong, I’ll be happy. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

Hey, @MSTJon fellow Denver-area fan here. I think it’s a bit premature to panic quite yet. As you point out, most of the middle of the country is pretty MSTie free at the moment. The DCPA schedule is still pretty limited at the moment. (Not sure if they’ve even announced the Christmas Carol schedule yet) Boulder is being very Boulder and I’m not sure any of their venues are even open much less booking future events.

I’m holding out hope that we will be on the schedule probably sometime next summer or early Fall.


Honestly, I wish they were postponing things in OR, too. (As the Found Footage guys decided to.) Our virus awfulness is more or less exactly where it was last year. I’m just not up for any indoor venue at this point, and I’m staying firm on that. It just seems unnecessarily risky. Even if tech isn’t up to us all watching a live event online… yet, I’d rather just wait. :confused:


Well, I am panicking! We got lucky in Reno last time, and I expect possibly Sacramento to be part of the tour. If not either of those, maybe Vegas.
If the COVID is forcing a smaller tour (not to mention absolute bungling in the name of “Whatever, I do what I want”) the guys should consider taping one of the dates to satisfy those who live in areas too far away from the tour.

They’ve talked before that the live tour episodes have lots of rights issues regarding recordings/broadcasting. If you want to know more, dive into the update on film rights.

I agree I’d love a live show as a video to watch. But with 13 new episodes on the horizon, I feel like it’s a bit greedy to hope for MORE more new MST3K.