What do X-men, Cowboy Bebop, Doctor Mordrid, and Robot Wars have in common?

I just rewatched Robot Wars and one of the credits caught my eye.

Materials Supervisor - Steve Blum

Now, I remembered from an online class that before he got accidentally roped into doing voice work, Steve Blum used to work more behind the scenes, and that seemed to be around the right time. I looked at his non-acting credits and couldn’t find the movie listed, but I did see that he was listed as the materials supervisor for a bunch of early 90s movies… Including Doctor Mordrid. So I went to check the full cast and crew listing for Robot Wars, but it didn’t list a “Steve Blum” or a “materials supervisor,” so I think it just didn’t get added. Both movies are from Full Moon Entertainment, and they were made at practically the same time.

So, yeah. The voice of Wolverine, Spike Spiegel, Starscream, every macho growly guy from every video game ever, and literally hundreds of other characters worked (in the props department) on at least two movies from season 13.



I was hoping for a punchline.

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Robot Wars is a punchline.


The punchline is that he was also Leeron Littner in Gurren Lagann.

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In that there’s a line of people waiting to punch that lead character.