What do YOU want to see in future updates?

Like the subject line says: please share your feedback below on what you’d like to see in upcoming updates! There are a handful of ideas already in the planning stages, but what are you curious about? I’ll be collecting your suggestions (and paying attention to what gets the most upvotes!) going forward.

Thanks, all!


Howdy Lesley! I’m not even sure how viable this is because one never knows how much is still being done virtually, but it would be great to see some behind the scene pics/videos.

Maybe some kind of video of the “Writer’s Room” at work.

Nothing too spoilery, but whether used or not it’s always exciting to see some concept art for things we may find in the new season.

I know it may not be as flashy or sexy as seeing some of the actors working on set, but I find a great charm to the old videos or interviews one can find at Best Brains studios.

It reminds us how many moving parts and how much hard work has to go into making just one episode- let alone a full season!

That’s just my two cents though. :slight_smile:


Oh lordy, what don’t I want to know?

  • Updates on the rewards, especially those with designs that are incomplete, are always welcome.
  • I’d kill for photos. Sets with faces and bots we know, writers and other less familiar folks at work, pets sleeping, really anything. Show me @mattmcg22 at his desk filing out a spreadsheet, I’ll lose my mind. As long as there are no spoilers, I want to see what’s going on.
  • And then there is the Gizmoplex. Sometimes I forget that we funded a platform for the show, too. How’s that going? Any progress or milestones we could hear about?

Probably lots more but that’s a good start.


Writing. The heart and soul of all comedy. Hell, of all entertainment of any flavor.

I want a complete expose on the entire writing process, beginning, middle, and end. Whats the “flow”? How does it all work? Are they wearing pants? Inquiring minds want to know!

That’s… pretty much it. As an aspiring writer myself, I just would love to learn as much as I can about the MST3K writing process.


This might not sound much, but more photos and clips of the 'bots.


I’m a sucker for photos and video clips.


Going to echo the call for photos. Even just teasing things like a piece of paper saying “Script for Episode 3” type thing. Photos of Matt’s transformation into Joel. Someone’s coffee cup. A hand. I’m a sucker for set photos we can overanalyse (I’m a Marvel fan. It’s what we do :rofl:)

Updates on rewards but at the same time, some of the things I’d quite like to be a surprise on the design etc (like the mystery 5th patch) so maybe hidden “spoilers” in things like that so people can look if they want to.

Details about the Gizmoplex, about the functions it’ll have, its design etc


I’m most interested in how the Gizmoplex is coming together. My ultimate wish is for a walkthrough demo video, but I know it might be a while before anything like that is ready!


I wouldn’t mind being a Guinea pig/beta tester for the Gizmoplex app!
For content, any peak behind the scenes is always welcome. I’d like to see what’s in store for the latest round of live shows as well. I will never forget how stunned I was to learn Servo had legs in the Cheesy Movie Circuses!


Future updates? You know, I’d really enjoy seeing an audition to become a writer and or performer. I’m sure I’m not the only one chomping at the bit to work with these great creators. Huzzah and Hi Keeba to all!


• Random pictures of the crew.
• Updates on the designs of some of the physical rewards, maybe a sneak peak into the design process and prototypes?
• More info about the live event, some sneak peak info about what to expect.


It’s great getting all of the progress updates on the new seasons and live tours… but all of us just slogged through – are still slogging through – the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. I would genuinely dig small updates from the cast and crew on how they’re doing and what cool things they discovered or enjoyed during the 15+ months.


Out-takes / Bloopers are always interesting.

fail behind the scenes GIF


I was a big fan of the video updates that were posted for the Great Cheesy Movie Circus tour. Maybe combining something like that with some of the drier parts of production, like how movie rights are negotiated, the set up writers use when working, etc.


I’d love to hear more about the Gizmoplex. Obviously everyone’s focus is (rightfully) on development of the new season, but to me the Gizmoplex is going to be expected to do some heavy lifting as a central hub for fans (and passive revenue generator). So…

  • How is development going?
  • Are there any unique features that can be disclosed at this time (the stuff that will make it more than a typical video/viewing platform)?
  • Is it too late to suggest features? I’ve seen a couple great suggestions over in the Kickstarter comments, like this one.
  • Can we expect it to be an ever-evolving platform, or is the whole budget being spent on core functionality for launch? If the former, what are the short-, mid-, and long-term goals/vision? Has anything significant related to the vision detailed in the Kickstarter changed since development started?

I would be seriously delighted to open a backer update written, in character, by one of the bots or the Mads :joy: At least once or twice

Also concept designs for the layout of the Gizmoplex, previews of the Gizmoplex, just basically anything to give us an idea of what it’ll look like and how it will work. It’s the biggest undertaking of the kickstarter and the fans deserve to see and give feedback on what they’ve chosen to support. I’m sure it will have a beta, and I think at least the higher-tier backers should get to participate in that if not all backers


Some more movie announcements, maybe clarify who’s riffing what movie.

I’ve convinced myself either Jonah or Joel will take on the latest Gamera.

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I’d love more info on how the Gizmoplex is going to work. In this post (at least I hope I linked it correctly if not it was Update #15) there were sketches of the lobby and halls with Cinemas 1-4 and I swore at one point there was a concession stand (but I could be wrong). How is this going to work? Like is it like Google Maps or a video game where you click to go down the hall? Also, with these “Cinemas” are we going to be able to chat with other users during the movie?
This is all so exciting and I’m thrilled it’s happening. Thank you so much for all your work on this, it is really appreciated. :slight_smile:


I’d like to hear from the cast and crew about what they’re up to. I loved the video series during the last tour. Behind-the-scenes peeks are so fun.


Hmm, more info on the Gizmoplex:
What you are envisioning it to be
How is the build going?
Guesstimates on when there will be something for users to play with
Will this forum be rolled into it?

Always a sucker for behind-the-scenes things:
How does the process for getting rights to movies work
Do the companies understand what MST3K is when you talk to them? Does that make negotiations easier or harder?
Maybe some sort of “meet the crew” kind of thing. We see all of these names and titles but may not know much about their particular job and how what they do goes into making an episode