What does a Riff script look like?

If you’ve ever worked on a film (full length, short, or student project) you understand and know how a film script look like/formated. But I have always wondered what a riffing script (what I’m calling a script with all the riffs) looks like, the closes thing I have is the Page to Stage copy of the Watchout for Snakes tour.

I always thought that a riff script may have contained time stamps for when to say it or if it was the movie script with thier riffs added in. but then this also makes me think about how a riff script looks for other riffing projects like Rifftrax, ICWxp, etc.

So what do you all think a riff script looks like, or if a write for the show sees this: is it like the Page to Stage book in formating or something different.

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It’s very small to see, but this is from RiffTrax’s live riff of Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny. It’s essentially just who’s saying the riff, the riff itself and the time code. From what I can gather, when they do it live, Mike Bill and Kevin are reading the script and following the time code in front of them, while the movie plays. On MST3K (at least in the olden days), Joel/Mike were filmed in front of a large white screen for the movie to be put in later while Trace/Bill and Kevin were underneath the seats puppeting solid black versions of Crow and Tom Servo; also following time codes.