What Does April Mean to You?

April has many events around the world. Easter, April Fools, and as an Aspie myself, World Autism Acceptance (or awareness) Day (which is today), National Beer Day, Kanamara Matsuri; it can be ANYTHING! Your thoughts?


The end of the semester and the beginning of the next semester after only a week, meaning a lot of stress.

…and a month that can be snow one day and sun the next… and sometimes both in the same day. We have a day of 70 F predicted for this next week, followed by a day with a high of 40 F predicted.


In this house, it means three things:

*Boston Marathon
*Thunder Over Louisville
*Kentucky Derby Festival

We avoid the latter two and are competing in the first this year!


It means it’s finally time for me to think about doing my taxes.

I get money back, but I hate doing them all the same. Even with TurboTax.

It’s also the last month I won’t have to use my air conditioner. Probably.


She’s one of the many reasons I have a fetish for busty redheads and yellow jumpsuits.

Oh, you mean the month and not April O’Neil!


Shame Jonah and Kinga each only fulfill one of those… but if you combined them you’d get Jenga and it all falls apart.

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Bunnies. Hayfever. Taxes. And the Bunny Hayfever Tax, which is strictly a Virginia thing.


Worlds largest trivia contest in Stevens Point Wisconsin.

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Well, it is the cruellest month, pretty sure.

Holy week is coming up, so end of Lent. The RCC has that cool “strepitus,” and they mess with their decorations in a kind of cool way.

I could do without easter egg hunts and all that, and gross little “chocolate” bunnies, though!

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My birthday…which is also Homestuck day (I’ve never read Homestuck)

Oh, and Passover, at least for this year

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April is the cruellest month

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Well, Kinga DID wear yellow for a brief bit once…


Empire Records Rex Manning Day GIF

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… I’ll be in my bunk.


That was just a Firefly reference, for the record!

Yeah, but is the corn as high as an elephant’s eye?


Not yet it ain’t!

Now where’s that leg of lamb at anyway?