What does the little padlock mean?

On VHX, I own the season 11 and 12 digital series. The season 11 I got from the Bring Back mst3k Kickstarter and I have both the digital and the Blu ray box set. On VHX I have no issues streaming any session 11 movies. Yet there is a padlock icon which I thought meant I didn’t own them. I checked other movies that I know I don’t own and this have a padlock as well and I can’t watch them. So I was just wondering what does the padlock icon mean?

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That it is locked and you have to purchase it to view.


I thought that was a smart brown handbag.


Looking at my VHX library, it appears there is now a special Kickstarter Edition of Season 11. This is different from the regular Season 11 with $80 price (Kickstarter edition apparently costs $999,999.99 according to the description :money_mouth_face:)


Joel calls that retirement.


I assume the Kickstarter version includes the Q&A VOD from around the premiere.

Yes, the Kickstarter version has the Q&A that occurred right after the premiere of Reptilicus, and mine also has two music albums, The New Themes of MST3K and Songs in the Key of MST.