What episode is this from?

When my wife and I were MST3K newbies and wondering what the heck is going on we saw an episode where there was a Bob Marley reference. We both laughed out loud at the riff and it was enough to get us to watch another episode (these were circulating the tapes days…). I very vaguely recall that it was (maybe?) in some medieval-ish setting and castle walls were being attacked. Fast forward ~30 years, 2 Kickstarters, and 2 (soon to be 3) live shows and I have never been able to come across this riff again - and thus determine what episode it was. If the MST3K Hive Mind can help, that would be great. Thanks!

Do you remember if it was a Joel or Mike episode?

Uhhhh…no. We were so busy asking ourselves “WTF?” that unfortunately important details like that passed us by.

Medieval sounds like The Magic Sword

“Get up, stand up… stand up for your rights!” said by Mike in ‘Santa Claus’ (Episode 521) quotes the Bob Marley song ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ .

Cave Dwellers maybe?

Have you tried looking over the episode list to see if a title jumps out at you?

Deathstalker perhaps??

I did a search at the Annotated MST for Bob Marley, but didn’t see any movies with castles that had a Marley reference,

However, they haven’t annotated The Magic Sword or Quest of the Delta Knights yet (which had castles)

But you can do a search there and see if anything pops out at you… The Annotated MST -

I’ve seen Quest of the Delta Knights many times, and the one castle they are at for a very brief part of the story certainly wasn’t attacked, so I doubt that’s it. I don’treally remember a Bob Marley reference. Lots of tree houses though.