What episode (or episodes) have you watched recently?

Hi folks. This is the place to talk about recent episodes you watched!

Today I watched Daddy-O, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. About a third of the way through the movie, I was a bit frustrated with the plot, because I thought it was going to be a standard good-teen-vs-jerk-teen movie. But the movie surprised me! It became a bit more of a mystery, which I enjoyed more.

In general, I prefer some pulpy sci-fi or fantasy movies, but this episode turned out more enjoyable then I expected.

Your turn! What’s are your thoughts about a recent episode you watched?


Now that Club MST3K is no more, I usually just watch what the most current one is on the mst3kaday Instagram feed. In honor of today, Rocket Attack USA.


Trying Overdrawn again. So many people here lavish praise on Julia’s performance. My opinion isn’t really in any danger of changing. I still feel heavy-duty dislike for everything in this episode except the PBS parodies. :upside_down_face:


I really like this concept, the idea of a thread dedicated to MST3K episodes that you just watched, whether they’re first-time viewings or revisits of past favorites.

Me, I’ve been working on another complete series rewatch. To that effect, I just completed Jungle Goddess.

Probably the highlight of the episode was the first Phantom Creeps short. Just as it would be the case with Sid Haig in Beyond Atlantis, the gang gets massive riff mileage out of the presence of Bela Lugosi here. Their Lugosi voices are terrific, PLUS we get Lugosi saying, “How fortunate! This simplifies everything!”, which would inspire a large number of quips about that line in future episodes. And let’s not forget the gang freaking out over the credits featuring the name “FORD BEEBE! FORD BEEBE! FORD BEEBE!”

The movie itself is predictably cringe-inducing as George Reeves and his kill-happy buddy trek through the jungle to find a lost heiress. While there are riffs about Reeves’ past role as Superman (“Man of Steel, huh? Phone THIS into Perry White!”), I’m kinda surprised that they didn’t lean on those Superman references even harder. There’s still some fun riffs to be had, such as one of our explorers taking a shot at some trees, inspiring the quip that he shot a coconut “in cold milk.” Plus there’s the “hats… hats!” stuff and wonderfully grim comedy all throughout.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Jungle Goddess gives us another enduring MST3K movie line with the title character’s expressed desire for a “hamburger sandwich and french-fried potatoes.”

On the host segment side, we get a fun but lengthy Phantom Creeps infomercial with cool spider props, Mike Nelson and Jim Mallon dropping by as imperialistic aliens, and the closing sitcom spoof that has Crow introduced as “Art Crow,” which would inspire the fan art in The Giant Gila Monster that misidentifies Crow as “Art,” WHICH IN TURN inspires Pearl’s name for the golden wisecracker.

All in all, a fun episode as Season 2 continues to make leaps and bounds over its Season 1 roots.

There was no stinger for this episode, but if I had to choose one? I’d go for that “hamburger sandwich” line, probably.


I love the movie riffing parts of the episode (except where they pretend they don’t know who Peter Lorre and Marlene Dietrich are), but I’m indifferent to the PBS parodies. Then again, I’ve always thought Space Mutiny is an average to sub-par episode, so I’m clearly out of touch.


I hope that this rewatch is more enjoyable than the episode has been in the past - cheers!


I’m still making my way through in original run order, and I’m up to Outlaw (of Gor). I’m kind of a sucker for this sort of 80s “guy travels to fantasy world, becomes a hero” stories in general, and I actually saw the movie that this is a sequel to once! It ran on Comet several years back, I think it might have even been the time when they were still showing MST3K.

So I’m enjoying it.


Oh, nice! That was MST3K’s (ultimately successful) submission episode for consideration for the prestigious Peabody Award. Given that it worked, it was a good choice!


Actually, it’s a reference to Jackie Gleason’s variety show.


That’s right, along with GPC getting introduced as “Sheila MacGypsy!” as a nod to Sheila MacRae!


I think the guy imitating Lorre is bearable. I might even declare that my Ram Chip for the movie itself.

I enjoy Space Mutiny (obvious, given my username) but I don’t think it would make even my Top 20. Too much competition, especially now with the newer seasons muscling in.

Eh, not really. I wish I could like it as much as other people do. There’s other legit acting talent in here besides Julia. (I looked at a few bios.) It’s frustrating to see how it was squandered by a half-baked screenplay and incoherent direction. :confused:


I hear that. I feel a similar way about The Touch of Satan, kinda. I love the HELL out of that first half, but the second half of the episode doesn’t do very much for me.

There’s a lot of folks who have that as top-tier MST3K, and I totally get that. It’s just not a personal favorite, but I’m glad that folks appreciate it as they do.


I’m not so sure. We have so many threads for individual episodes that if someone wants to discuss that episode in particular, I feel that’s the best place to do it. Either in the standalone episode thread or the MST3K Volunteer Corps section. Otherwise, it’s a hodgepodge of randomness.


Fair enough of a point.

When I saw this thread topic, I was saw this less as a sustained dialogue/meditation/observation about episodes (which I ended up doing anyway in the case of Jungle Goddess, force of habit and all), but more of an informal kind of chronicle or journal or travelogue of episodes just watched. Something in the vein of, “Oh, Pod People came on the Twitch channel, so I watched that again. Still good, etc.”

Again, that’s a fair point, and the feedback is appreciated.


I think a thread title change from “talk about” (which invites discussion) to “What episode have you watched recently?” would be a better standalone thread that encourages checking in as you suggest.


I think you’re onto something there. Good thinking, we can run with that.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I just finished watching the May Synthia Selects bumpers and GizmoBlips that one more time. So good.

Looking forward to the offerings for June!


I watched all the Synthia’s Selects bumpers and GizmoBlips today as well! I dug how the GizmoBlips were presented in a “day in the life of” style rather than as an out-and-out host segment where the gang is knowingly carrying out shenanigans for a viewing audience.

June’s Vault Picks will be well worth looking forward to!


Ooh, I love that one! I watched the first Gor too, and enjoyed it. I feel like that genre of stories must stem from the John Carter of Mars books, where the main character gets mysteriously transported to another world. I’ve also read an older sci-fi book by Edmond Hamilton with the same premise. I guess it’s a convenient way of doing an escapist fantasy: typical man gets suddenly transported to a fantastic world where he’s really important!

I’m also (slowly) doing a full series watch, or at least as much of it that I can easily find. I’m skipping around right now to cover some that I missed before, so I started Earth vs the Spider earlier today. I’m about halfway through and, uh, it’s dull. No matter how good the riffing, if I’m not feeling the movie itself, I have a hard time with the episode.

Earth vs. Soup, though – that’s great! Where’s my movie adaptation of that?


I prefer to participate ad hoc.

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