What episode (or episodes) have you watched recently?

Last night, I went with the Vault Picks treatment of one of my top five episodes, The Magic Voyage of Sinbad.

As per usual, the Synthia’s Selects intro/outro material was a hoot, and I would never dare to ruin the GizmoBlip here, although I will say that I love Jonah’s performance there.

Of course, the episode itself was something fantastic. I don’t watch it too often so that I don’t become TOO familiar with it and put the whole experience through a sense of overkill, but… man, it’s so dang good.


Moon Zero Two


I finally gave First Spaceship on Venus from Season 2 a watch, much like Crow at the end, oddly I rather enjoyed it.
It’s hokey, effects very of their time, completely implausible with what’s known now, but it has a nice adventurous atmosphere. While still very much an “atomic era” plot, it has some good points.

It’s unexpectedly progressive for a movie from 1960, in a Roddenberry way. It’s an international group of astronauts, and there’s not one awful scene of them arguing about each-other’s gender, race, patriotism, or plotting to sabotage/murder eachother, or any other cringe-y nonsense that usually shows up in movies of that era (looking at you 12 to the Moon, also from 1960!) The tension is where it should be: The unknown dangers of the planet they land on.

The closest we get is the subplot about an old love affair, but it’s brought up barely more than three times early on, handled somewhat respectfully, and never used as a gimmick to cause tension in the plot later on; It’s just… some backstory.
Everyone’s competent at their jobs and get along, they have group discussions trying to analyze what’s going on, chiming in equally every step of the way, they actually care if one of them is in danger, it’s pleasant.

After watching 12 to the Moon, Rocketship X-M, and Invasion USA again recently, First Spaceship on Venus was kinda genuinely refreshing, haha!


I caught the Vault Picks treatment of The Magic Voyage of Sinbad. Now, the Sinbad episode was already a set-in-stone favorite, one of my top five installments of the entire series.

Throw in the Synthia’s Selects intro and outro AND some fun Team Jonah action by way of the GizmoBlip? The experience becomes even better! I’d love to see all the Russo-Finnish episodes end up as Vault Picks, because it was something terrific to rewatch Sinbad.

Speaking of rewatches, I just made my way through Wild Rebels as part of my complete series rewatch. It’s definitely my favorite of the Season 2 biker trilogy, and I have to say that even as I enjoy this episode, I was surprised by how easy this episode went down this time. (It helps to have a weirdly ineffectual protagonist like the one played by Steve Alaimo, who was riffed to perfection by the gang.)


The episode doesn’t have a stinger, but some helpful soul cobbled one together on YouTube based on the inaccurate stinger description in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide:


Tonight was Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders

First … nice rip-off of The Princess Bride with your framing there Kenny-Boy. (And how was it there wasn’t a SINGLE riff calling that out?)

Second … This was made in 1995?? Never heard of it. (and the MST episode was 1999 so a pretty quick turn-around on that one)

Third … Ernie must have needed rent money, cuz wow.

Fourth … I never did like those clapping monkey dolls


After it was mentioned the other day: I decided to put on Diabolik for the first time in quite a while.

I have to say this episode is majestic. It’s so apparent everyone is just exhausting their riff batteries here because it is straight FIRE. I was laughing constantly throughout. Having the movie be so stylish, slick and comic book-like really helps. The host segments are great and just loaded with callbacks (some go way back too!).

I have no problem admitting I started to get just that little bit emotional during the home stretch (“To Earth” is when it starts getting to me). But knowing it’s not actually The End after all really does take much of the sting out this. :slight_smile:

So, so glad I watched this! :smiley:


Watched Lost Continent last night as part of my MST3K rewatch.

Hoo boy.

Rock climbing, y’all.


I’ve been watching Riding With Death a lot lately. It’s one of the more small kid friendly episodes (mostly for it’s lack of monsters), so it’s been good to have on when I make dinner and stuff. Also this is absolutely the kind of thing my little brother and I would have watched religiously as kids/teens. We like smart alec 70s good guys.


I exhausted the Vault Picks early this month, so I decided to go back and start an in-order run, which I’ve never done before. It’s definitely weird going back to Season 1 in general, but it somehow feels even more weird with brand new episodes coming out.

So far I’ve done The Crawling Eye, The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (wow, that feels oddly familiar), The Mad Monster, and The Corpse Vanishes. They don’t go down as smooth as even the later Season 1 episodes, but it’s cool seeing things coming together.


I just rewatched Beast Of Hollow Mountain over the weekend. Maybe it was due to the dregs of that evening’s edible, but Good Gravy I could NOT stop laughing during the finale. I feel like the usual gloom-peddlers who whine that “the show just isn’t funny” need to be checked for a pulse.

As it stands, still my favorite episode from Netflix-land. It’s just hard to beat the absurdity of grafting a dinosaur to your perfectly normal Western without bothering to think up even a quarter-a**ed explanation for the latter’s presence. One thing that really stuck out for me this time is how the hero seemed to be happy all the time. Like he didn’t know how to stop smiling. He was like the anti-Agar.


I agree, that episode is underrated. The host segment where the 'bots freak out Jonah and the Mads is hysterical. I’m chuckling just thinking about it. :laughing:

Checking in the my most recent rewatch: The Magic Sword. It was my very first episode and I loved the sword-and-sorcery-ness of it then and now.


Oh, awesome! :smiley:

And what a first episode experience that would be! Say whatever we will about Bert I. Gordon, but he could make a watchable (if a bit hokey) film. Loved that and Tormented and [goes down the list]


One of my favorite twists in MST3Kdom.

It kinda makes you wish that the movie was given a non-indicative/non-spoiler-y title instead of The Beast of Hollow Mountain, something that gave you zero (or less than zero) idea about what was to come, because it’s AMAZING to get taken by surprise by an OUT–OF-NOWHERE T-REX in a Western, of all genres.


It is a WILDLY FUN experience. I’ve done it before, and it’s something really cool to see how the show changes, transforms, and evolves in certain ways over the years, as well as seeing what stayed intact with the passage of time.

Most excellent! It’s been far too long since my last viewing. I need to change that, because it’s so blasted good.

Absolutely cheese-tastic 70s fare, lending itself well to the riffing process without being TOO excruciating.


My new tradition: Re-watching the previous S13 episode the night before the new one!

Tonight, I re-watched Doctor Mordrid and all the promos for Demon Squad!

All set for tomorrow!


Deathstalker 3, Demon Squad, Melting Man, King Dinosaur


Demon Squad. Again.

Gosh, this is so good! :smiley:


Watched Gunslinger yesterday on the Shout 24/7 MST3K Channel. I never like to pass that one up.

And then I watched The Hellcats as part of my complete rewatch. As the biker trilogy goes, I put this one just ahead of The Sidehackers but well behind The Wild Rebels. Any which way, it’s been some time, and I had some fun with it!


I did a rewatch of every episode I had in my collection starting in January, hoping to end before the first episode of the new season aired. I did not actually finish until about three weeks after season 13 started airing. Since the Gizmoplex put all of the available episodes out there for free, I have been going back and filling in the episodes that I do not have in my collection.

Yesterday I watched Stranded In Space. A solid episode overall, and I am a SciFi nerd, so the “movie” (actually a failed TV pilot) fits in my favorite MST3K genre. The pacing is slow, but not stagnant, so there is a lot of room for some great riffs.

I had not seen this one in quite some time, as it is not in my collection. The invention exchange is fun, with the variations on BANG! guns (an Uzi from Joel, and a speargun from The Mads). I enjoyed the callout to Mike during the credits, given that this is a Season 3 episode, and Mike was still mostly behind the scenes.

Speaking of behind the scenes, we get a bit of exposition on this one from Joel on the experiment itself, telling us that The Mads designed the show opening, and are selling the results of the experiments to cable TV. These are bits of trivia I was not really cognizant of before, probably a result of not having watched this episode very often. Although, I did recall a good bit of the plot, and several of the later riffs. Since the exposition comes at the beginning of the episode, I would guess that I have mostly caught this episode midway through in the past.


Just finished watching all the June Synthia Selects and GizmoBlips once again. Great stuff!

Excited for what July will bring us!