What episode (or episodes) have you watched recently?

The Day Time Ended

Main highlights: all that weird 1970s wall art, the musical number, and the return of Dr. Erhardt. Otherwise… not much to it. IMHO.


I got to The Crawling Hand on my (roughly) in-order rewatch. I remember bits of this episode, but I don’t think I’d ever actually seen it in its entirety before. It’s basically Poor Communication: The Movie, and it has yet another transforming Paul in it. And another Steve.


And-- heroic junkyard KITTIES!! (The real heroes of the film!) :paw_prints:


If only we would listen to the junkyard kitties I’m sure the world would be a better place. Admittedly, that’s a pretty low bar.


I would’ve gone with, “That square bugs me! He really bugs meeeeee!!!”


There’s a LOT of good spoiler choices in The Wild Rebels, and that one’s great!

I was also thinking of the moment where Fats’ hat falls in front of Rod after the former gets shot, and that really goofy carnival-esque movie sets in as Rod stares intently at the hat.


Another possibility would’ve been any variation on Linda saying that she likes wild rebelling “for the kicks.”


Just finished watching the July Synthia Selects, Gizmoblips and the Dr. Phibes segments!

So. Good.

Thank you for these extras!


I watched Eegah last night. It’s been maybe ten years since I’ve last watched it.

I realized that there are riffs in that movie that I’ve never stopped quoting. And not just “Watch out for snakes!”, either.


Rocket Attack: USA. Of course!

Maybe the riffs are uneven here and there. Fake British Guy looks nothing like Bill Bixby. More like budget Dustin Hoffman. But the sketches and the closer are top notch, and as usual I cheer when the oily, idiotic “hero” and his wooden, trank-addicted love interest (who they were too lazy to think up a nationality for) got theirs. Thanks, Reds!


I had a day of it yesterday, so I completed Season 2 in my MST3K rewatch.

-King Dinosaur was much more fun than I remembered. Hell, I forgot that it was done by Bert I. Gordon (in his directorial debut, no less). But I DID remember that the short, X Marks the Spot, was ridiculously good.

-First Spaceship on Venus was a drier piece of sci-fi with some goofiness sprinkled in here and there. It’s weird in that the movie isn’t sure if it wants to go full serious or indulge in camp. The theater segments were all right (the riffs got more involved when you had more ridiculous stuff happening onscreen), but the host segments were way out there (in a good way). I forgot that Dr. F retches over the end credits!

-Godzilla Vs. Megalon was god-tier. Said it before, say it again: show’s first masterpiece, and that final fight is a GEM of a riffed sequence.

-Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster didn’t quite reach the dizzying heights of the previous Godzilla episode, but it’s still awesome in its own right, especially in those sequences where Godzilla fights Ebirah (obviously) or sits down, because… well, yeah.


I began Season 3 in my complete series rewatch, and Cave Dwellers still remains as sharp an episode as ever. Fun as hell and practically limitless rewatchability (even if the surprise of the hang glider reveal isn’t there anymore).


Godzilla vs. Megalon. This is such a fun episode, but when we get to the big battle royale and Joel and the Bots riff it like pro wrestling commentators, that’s when this one because exceptional!

As I’ve said before: 212 is what kicks-off the modern era and after watching it again, my feelings are confirmed! :smiley:


Last night, I watched one of the Synthia’s Selects, Gamera vs. Zigra. The Gamera movies are among my favorite episodes of MST3K, which makes me super-excited that they’re doing one this season. My question is whether they’ll do the same lyrics to the Gamera song or do something new.


I had some downtime on my hands over these past few days here, so I made some headway into my complete series rewatch of MST3K.

#302 - Gamera

What surprises me about this one is how semi-respectable the movie is. I dig that black-and-white cinematography, too.

This was a good starting point for the run of Gamera movies in the national run of the series. All the evil/demonic jokes about Kenny are on point, and it’s entertainingly jarring to see Joel get all arm-removal-happy on Crow over some jokes (plus we have that great meta moment where the MST3K theme song sequence comes into play, much to Joel’s chagrin).

Bonus Mike Nelson as Gamera!

#303 - Pod People

It feels like I’ve spilled reservoirs of digital ink talking about how terrific this episode is, so I won’t belabor the love here.

I will say that it’s still a fun-as-hell installment that retains its powers of hilarity, even after all these rewatches. And maybe maybe maybe, you see something that you hadn’t noticed before (like, how did I not notice Gypsy dangling from the ceiling during the super wacky zany magic fun sketch?).

#304 - Gamera Vs. Barugon

It’s probably the driest of the Gamera movies by virtue of Gamera basically being a minor supporting character in his own movie. There’s still monster mayhem on display, but it feels like this movie downplays that stuff harder than other entries in the Gamera series.

Still, I love all the goofy hilarity they bring to Barugon’s appearance on the scene. Ventriloquizing characters is a big source of fun on MST3K, and what they do with Barugon here is a hoot.

The sketches are top-notch, from the ad for a 5,000 piece fighting men and monster set, a very Minnesotan host segment with Crow and Servo kaiju visiting TGI Tokyo, and Joel going nuts with a Stars of Gamera retrospective.

#305 - Stranded in Space

Admittedly, I don’t put this one in my rotation too often because the movie is more of a straitlaced slog than most, but it has some surprisingly good moments, especially with the beginning chaos in space (and at the hospital) and the concluding action. Plus, Joel’s growing exasperation over Crow’s Jame Gumb impression is a hoot.

I like those host segments where the gang gets lost in an involving conversation, and the “What is Ward E” discussion applies.

#306 - Time of the Apes

LOVE IT :smiley: I mean, I always have, but this one tends to surprise me when I revisit it, because it generally ends up being better than I remember. MST3K episodes generally work better when the movies give them more stuff to bounce off of (this is why The Castle of Fu Manchu did them no favors), and this one gives them a WEALTH of material.

In turn, the host segments are a goofy blast, with the Sandy Frank song being king. (I hope Mr. Frank didn’t watch that, because yikes.)

#307 - Daddy-O

An all-time favorite that I could never get tired of. It represents a favorite MST3K genre, the musical crime caper. It’s just so relentlessly earnest and goofy from start to finish, and the gang capitalizes beautifully on that… and that John Williams groove!

Those host segments? SCREAMINGLY funny. It looks like Joel was having the time of his life here. PLUS, we get that classic interrupted end credits bit with the Mads!

#308 - Gamera Vs. Gaos

Now that’s more like it! Definitely more of a rollicking good time than Gamera Vs. Barugon with more of the giant critter mayhem that audiences came for. The kaiju fights (and the ridiculous plans to get rid of Gaos) give the SOL crew plenty to work with, and they get prime riffing inspiration from such side characters as the kaiju-happy kid Itchy and the two comic foils who are always up to something spectacularly stupid.

The host segments feel like quintessential MST3K with Gaos the Great spinning turtles like plates, Crow and Servo playing hell with Joel’s arts-and-crafts project, and the short-but-sweet Gameradammerung sketch.

#309 - The Amazing Colossal Man

A sentimental favorite from back in the syndicated Mystery Science Theater Hour days, this one is crazy effective. A Bert I. Gordon movie tends to give the gang ample opportunities to bounce off the movie, and this one is no exception. Dark humor abounds, but it’s done so well. The crappy effects and stupid science expo-junk are skewered with great results, and even with the onscreen shenanigans, it still feels like a very laidback work.

I adore the host segments here, especially Joel as the Amazing Colossal Man (“Ahhh! Noooo!”) and Mike Nelson as the ACTUAL Amazing Colossal Man.


Tired: Xmas In July

Wired: Turkey Day In July

(gobble gobble gobble!!)


Heh, funny you should mention that… I had to watch The Amazing Colossal Man on YouTube, and it was the one with the Turkey Day bumpers (including Servo dressed as a pilgrim doing a peeved impression of Russ Bender from that movie).

AND IT’S ALWAYS TURKEY DAY HERE :smiley: Except when it’s actually Turkey Day, and then, it’s doubly Turkey Day here.


Now we just need to find that Butterball™ ad from the late 70s or early 80s where they counsel you to buy a mini-turkey and cook it on the Weber™ outside. :poultry_leg:


Did someone mention turkey math?