What episodes have you not seen, if any?

My experience with MST3K goes back to partway in the Comedy Central days. Thus, some of the episodes from that time I have not yet seen. (I might be able to remedy that via YouTube.)

I believe I have seen all the SciFi Channel episodes.

Not doing NetFlix (and being a cheapskate) I have not seen any of the “new” MST3K except some of the last season, which is on YouTube. (I limited myself, so far, to those films I had not already seen unriffed. I could remedy that in the future.)

For the record, I have not seen the KTMA episodes, and only a few of the first Comedy Channel season. I take it this is considered a less than absolutely classic season.

Anyway, for the “classic” seasons (Comedy Central seasons 2 through 7) I am pretty sure I have not seen:

Stranded in Space
Time of the Apes
Fugitive Alien
Mighty Jack
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
Master Ninja I
Master Ninja II
The Castle of Fun Manchu

Some of the kaiju films ; I can’t tell them apart.

Pretty much seasons KTMA and 1 through 3 have gaps in my viewing.



Also, a short about mylar.


Welp, I’m not really the target here as I’ve seen and owned them all, including the KTMAs. I started with the tape traders, and when Rhino began releasing them officially, I picked them up on disc as well (even if I had them on homemade VHS, I’d buy them, day of release - which worked out in my favor for Godzilla vs Megalon).

I continued on with DVD purchases throughout the Netflix seasons and have Season 13 as downloads (part of my pledge) and might even do a boxset for that eventually.

I’ve even seen things like the Migizi shorts, and the short shown during the social distancing riff-along.

So, unless it’s lost (the 2 squid named), or was a live show I couldn’t get to, I’ve watched it.


Just KTM03 for me.


I’ve never seen a single episode of this show. Is it any good?


I’ve seen none of the KTMA season, and I’ve only seen a portion of Hercules and Demon Squad.

Otherwise I’ve seen the rest of the episodes at least once in their entirety. That said, even with a handful of those, I could probably describe them only in the vaguest of terms, as it’s been a long time on more than a few, and some of them I did only watch once.


I’ve seen every available episode at least once.

(Thank you, Internet Archive.)


It does not surprise me at all that the fine people here on this forum are much more experienced than I am. More power to you!

Just to clarify, here are the Season 13 episodes I have not seen, for the silly and meaningless reason that I had already seen the movies being riffed.

Beyond Atlantis
The Million Eyes of Sumuru
The Shape of Things to Come
The Mask
The Bubble


I have seen everything from Season 6 on. I, sometimes, don’t know which ones I haven’t seen until I watch them! But I’m sketchy on everything before 6. :woman_shrugging:

I possess them all (except the elusive KTMA 03) but have yet to see them all! I’M BUSY!!! :rofl:


Beyond Atlantis might be my favorite of season 13, it’s definitely worth your time.

Also, get going on the Netflix seasons, they were excellent!


I started watching sometime during Season 2, but have seen all of Season 1, mostly through the collected DVD volumes from Shout Factory. I am fairly certain that I have seen all of the episodes from then on, although with some of the episodes that have rights issues I have not seen them since they stopped airing on cable.

For the KTMA season I have only seen Invaders From the Deep, Revenge of the Mysterions from Mars, Phase IV, and the original riff of The Million Eyes of Sumaru.


I have not seen Hamlet all the way through. I tried to watch it once many years ago and got about 10 minutes in and was not happy. I intend to try watching it again in the near future.


Before you reply just know this is a preemptive yo mama, I have a whole bag of yo mama with your name on it. @JohnnyRocket69

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I didn’t read that as two separate movies and now I really really want Hercules and Demon Squad to exist.


Back in 89 - 90, my typical weekend morning routine was a big pot of coffee, and looking for something on TV to make noise while I read the newspaper.

While flipping around, I’d see this old movie with silhouettes in the corner. I started paying attention to it, and I liked it. I liked it enough to start looking for it, and even setting the VCR to record it.

I don’t remember the first episode I saw end to end. I remember Sidehackers for sure, but I think my first full episode was prior to that, in season 1, because I remember the good Doctors Forrester and Erhardt saying ‘thank you’. But those may have all been partial episodes, but can’t remember for sure, because I’ve seen S1 in the Gizmoplex. But after that, I made it a point to watch or record MST after that.

So 1 episode between Sidehackers and S1 - Rocketship X-M, and it’s on the tube.

So I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the non-KTMA episodes, and I’ve seen a couple of those. But I may have missed an episode while traveling.

Now, remembering all the episodes is a completly different matter. There are more than a few I just can’t recall. Finding them would be like new shows to me.


Don’t waste your time. They just keep talking over the movies.


We’re having a watchalong tonight at 8PM ET for Fugitive Alien. Never a better time to see it.


I didn’t get into MST3K until 2009/10 or so but I made it my mission to watch em all by hook or by crook. I’ve seen everything but the missing stuff.

I really wish I had found it earlier in life as it has made such a positive impact


Oh I hope you’re going to participate in tonight’s watchalong of Fugitive Alien then! It starts at 8pm Eastern, you just fire up the episode at that time and there will be a dedicated thread for chatting about it


Join the watchalong and finally understand all our jokes about forklifts!!