What ever happened to the MST3K The Movie?

I never hear mention of it even when talking about older episodes


Every mention of an interociter is one.


Normal View!




It gets talked about a lot here, more than almost all episodes that preceded it.


It came out, and Universal buried it by handing it off to Gramercy who did the bare minimum in distributing it. Six months after the limited theater run, MCA pushed it out to rental outlets. Every 5 to 10 years after that, it would get a video re-issue, the most recent being the Shout! Factory edition.

It doesn’t get talked about much, because for a long time, it was nearly impossible to see. If you weren’t in a city near one of the 26 theaters that were chosen to show it – and your local rental place didn’t stock anything that might only appeal to a cult audience – then chances are you wouldn’t have been able to easily find it.

Even as a fan.

These days, it is much easier – and if you want the complete experience, Jonah has a podcast episode dedicated to the film, with Trace and Kevin along for the ride.


Joe! I’m in one of these boxes. Find me!


I’ve only heard tales of the MST3K movie, but alas, I’ve never had the opportunity to watch it. If it shows up on the Gizmoplex we should add it to the community viewing night poll! :smiley:


You can rent it today on appletv for $4. And you should, it’s good!


But I don’t have appletv!

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I own it on YouTube.


I didn’t know you could own things on YouTube, tbh. :sweat_smile:

Yup. You can also buy/rent it on Amazon and in the Microsoft Store, and probably more. If you register a Movies Anywhere account, you can buy it from any of the associated online stores (Apple, MS, Amazon, YouTube, etc.) and have it on all of them.

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Y’all will have to forgive me, I am not up to date on all this cool sh!t!!

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Totally worth checking out if you have favorites you want access to almost anywhere.


We never do figure out why Exeter has a picture of a burger on the wall. I’d add more quotes, but there’s a separate thread for that. :smile: But yeah, it’s a great episode that sadly the critics didn’t understand, which didn’t help it at the box office either.


This is not just a link to the trailer, it’s a link to buying or renting the movie on YouTube.


At one time Netflix has The Movie available to stream, but their stuff changes so often it may no longer be there.

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I remember being in a theater as a kid and seeing a preview for it – no idea what movie it was – and losing it at the line “Captain’s Log: I’ve lost my toupee and girdle and can’t leave my room” so it stuck with me. My local video store did have it on VHS, but didn’t have any other MST3K, so it wasn’t until the early 2000s when we got the Sci Fi Channel that I learned there was a TV show.


I know it’s borderline heresy to admit, but The Movie is probably my favorite episode. It’s certainly the one I’ve watched the most. I feel like I just about have that riff memorized.

I was lucky enough to stumble across it playing in a small theater in some college town while my family and I were on vacation. My older brother and I watched it together - I was 13. I remember after they unpack the Interocitor parts and Cal announces, “There are 2,486 parts.” and Joe (aka Weenie Man) is stepping so carefully among them. And Crow makes a crunching noise and says, “485, sir…” and then keeps crunching with every step…it’s the hardest I remember laughing in my life.

The movie is so colorful and great and the riff is just stacked top to bottom. The SOL looks incredible in all the host segments and I love how you see other parts of the ship and it expands the world of the show. And I know Universal made them cut a lot, but more comedy movies should be 70 minutes long!

I feel like it gets a bad rap with the fandom because Best Brains had such a terrible experience making it, which sucks to be sure. But the end product is so great. It’s just one of my favorite things. Jonah and I have often commiserated about how we’ll go to the mat to defend it.

So yeah, I’ll talk about MST3K: The Movie any time you want!