What happened to CheesyFlix.com?

Remember this site? Yeah, me neither.

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Shout Factory made him removed all the MST3K off the website, then it closed down.

Now, when I search it, there’s now some site about something called “Malzoism”.


Oh, wait, it’s the antonym of veganism.

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I still have a number of his videos! He sold cheap, fairly high quality videos and I miss his site.


But please don’t spread the files around.

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I miss that site, too. When he had an “everything must go” sale, I picked up a LOT of BTS stuff. Also happy that it filled out my collection


He’s lucky BBI wasn’t that into policing the internet or he’d have been shut down ten years earlier.


Wait, they were around that long ago?!?! Wouldn’t they have been toddlers?


op op op op opa googoogaga style


Aww, too bad. I completed my near-full collection of eps on DVD from him and others. Even a few, like the Godzilla movies, that are nowhere to be found.

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I do not know the extent of Shout Factory’s involvement in the site shutting down. I do know that the site owner was in contact with Alternaversal directly, and to my knowledge voluntarily sent us all the rare BTS (edit: behind the scenes) stuff he had, a couple years ago. It’s on a hard drive that we have simply not had time to go through methodically.

Point being, depending on quality, legality and any other pertinent factors, the hope is that we can restore this material to share in an official capacity at some point. I can’t make any promises, and can’t give you a timeline just yet, but it is on the to-do list.


“BTS” ?

A Korean pop band? :thinking:

I’m… really out of it, I guess.

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Oh yeah, CheesyFlix! I bought some Turkey Day host segments and bumpers from them way back when! I remember getting the email from them saying they couldn’t sell MST3K anymore.

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I bought the “unreleasable 11” from there, along with a few others that at one point seemed unlikely to get an official release. I also bought a few things like MST3K Alive.

I liked that he stayed on top of removing anything that got an official release.