What if the events on the ticket examples were actual events?

What if these events were actual Gizmoplex events? What would the host segments be like? What will the special guests be?


Said it before, say it again: I will spend the entire runtime of “Growler & Waverly’s Original Amateur & Cosplay Night” applauding and yelling various variations of “I LOVE GROWLER AND WAVERLY!”

Also, welcome to the forums! :smiley:


I am still in favor of the Kinga and Max riff on Mr. B Natural!

(Now that I think about it: A previous aftershow did mention there would be a classic short re-riff at some point… :thinking:)


I would be front and center for them all, but the Sing-along and the Shorts really speak to me.

Considering how many of the songs were Mike’s, maybe, just maybe that would be the one for which he comes back.

And I love the shorts for their “I have 10 minutes to kill. Let’s do this!” quick hitters. Ultimate guests? Mr. B Natural, Daughter (from A Date With Your Family), and Johnny (how much of that fair does he remember?).


Maybe the July special event will be Festival of Shorts.

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