What if we knew what happened to the Boneheads?

Hey everyone!
So. I’ve been stewing over what happened to the Skeleton crew, or Boneheads, I miss the band, and of course who doesn’t love a good low level hench-er(?).

So I did what any well adjusted fan does, I made a tiny bit of fan-fiction.
I’m a big fan of audio drama, so I created a trailer for what it would look like to tell the story of the Boneheads as they try escape certain doom in the freshly destroyed moonbase.
If ya wanna check it out, I’ll link below. Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:
Put on your headphones, and turn down your lights (where applicable).

Listen on Spotify Here!


MOD HAT: Moved this to the general fan-created area. Also, your link does not link since it’s embedded in your page code. Can you pull it out of the HTML code and try again?

AH! Thank you for sorting it out to the correct spot. I’ll change out the link too! Thanks!