What is the worst RiffTrax?

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My worst RiffTrax? Forbidden Zone. Because they didn’t even riff it.

“We’re not riffing on this movie. It’s perfectly bizarre just the way it is! RiffTrax and Legend Films are proud to premiere the ultimate cult movie, Forbidden Zone, NOW IN COLOR and designed in partnership with director Richard Elfman. Now you can sing along with the Devil and “Chicken Boy” in the colorful comfort of your subterranean world.”

Seriously, RiffTrax?

Any other terrible RiffTraxes?


The only Rifftrax movie I’ve been unable to finish, in spite of the riffs, was Cool As Ice,
“starring” Vanilla Ice. The movie was simply too painful to sit through. I think I made it about halfway.

I’ve sat through Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, The Room, and any number of schlocky 50s-70s crap films. But that movie almost broke me.


Rollergater. I finished it, but it was so incredibly stupid that I was really glad that I didn’t have to pay for it because I will never ever watch it again. Sure, the riffing was good, but the movie itself was so absolutely horrible that I had almost no enjoyment.

Runner up: Arachnia. Honestly, I don’t know why, but this movie made me genuinely angry. I’ve almost never had that reaction to a movie before, but I really really hated it and so the riffing didn’t matter because I was too irritated to laugh.



This is my ‘Hamlet’ of Rifftrax as I can’t sit through the whole thing. The riffing can’t even save it for me.


Yeah thoses were bad. That bunny outfit…


I flipped off my Mac Book screen a few times when I saw Fungicide on it. That broke me. This is me after finishing it.

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I enjoy anything they do live or Christmas related, but i just can’t with Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. It’s on some other level for me, and I enjoy Fun in Balloon Land.


Not the guys’ fault because their riffing is pretty on-point, but Breaker! Breaker! really stresses me out. There is not a clean surface or laundered garment or showered person in the entire film.


Worth it just for the David Lynch reference. Though honestly I find it more watchable than any Lynch I ever attempted. If only it had a Miguel Ferrer cameo. [sigh]

What stresses me out is my brain going “Wait –is that Kelsey Grammer? Nah. It couldn’t be. But . . . Is it? Looks a lot like . . . Nahhhhhhhhh!”