What is your “go to” episode? The one you reach for when you really need a good laugh?

To pick one for each host, keeping in mind that this isn’t necessarily a reflection on the funniest or most favorite episodes but the ones I haul out most often to make it happen, I’ll go:

Joel: Mitchell
Mike: The Pumaman
Jonah: Mac and Me
Emily: Beyond Atlantis


Werewolf is the episode I’ve watched more than almost any other, but in the last year or so, I’ve found that Danger! Death Ray is a wonderful episode when I need a pick-me-up. In fact, now that I have my DVD player hooked up, I may find the DVD and watch it tomorrow while I’m trying to put my apartment in order. I also have found great joy in Boggy Creek II lately. There’s something almost comforting about that one. If we’re talking Joel episodes, I love to watch the Fugitive Alien episodes and Moon Zero Two.


Gorgo is one that always does it for me especially with that Elton John reference.


My number one go to is Cry Wilderness, for sure. But sometimes close runner ups would be Carnival Magic, Atlantic Rim, The Horrors of Spider Island, Catalina Caper, or Manos.

Demon Squad and Doctor Mordred may soon be joining the ranks though :joy:


I could swear we’ve already had this topic, but whatever!

One go-to? After 13.3 seasons? Bah, let’s do plural! My go-tos depend on the situation and my mood, and are strongly weighted towards the Sci Fi years because that was when I really got into the show:

Funny: Prince of Space, Space Mutiny, Reptilicus, Mitchell, Pod People, Final Sacrifice
Comfort: Devil Fish, Mitchell (again), Gila, Leeches, Shrews, Boggy Creek, sometimes Gorgo [I like monsters]
Well Crafted Episode: Clonus, Escape 2000, Warrior of the Lost World, Werewolf, Prince of Space (again)
Nostalgia: Leech Woman, Land that Time Forgot, Giant Spider Invasion
Sexy (?!?!): Horrors of Spider Island, Racket Girls
Insomnia: Radar Secret Service (the ultimate honk-shoo), Batwoman
Wanna be a Little Scared: Incredible Creatures, Tormented
Just a Fun Original Movie: The TV movies in the KTMA season, Phase IV, Moon Zero Two, Avalanche, Demon Squad


Comfy bedroom slippers, and the fancy robes to match!


I can’t pick just one “go to” so here’s a top five in no particular order:
Space Mutiny - Big McLargeHuge!
Werewolf - or Warewulf?
Pumaman - or Pewmaman lol
Eegah! - watch out for snakes!

and one I don’t see played or even referenced but is one of my faves:

The Thing that Couldn’t Die - There’s a bright yellow stain on my back-brace…

I’d love to see any of these recreated and replayed like you did Pumaman!!


Space Mutiny. It’s comforting somehow.


Welcome to the Forum! Judging by your awesome taste in episodes, you’ll fit right in. :wink:


All fine choices. Really good call on The Thing That Couldn’t Die, too!

Also, welcome to the forums!



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