What movie is the clip used in the Season 7 opening credits?

I love all the opening credit scenes in all the classic era MST3K episodes. In the first three seasons, there was a clip from “The Crawling Eye”. In seasons 4-5, we had the ridiculous long jump from “Godzilla vs Megalon”. In season 6, we had “The Brain That Would Not Die”. But in season 7, there is a clip of a three headed dragon (not Ghidorah) that I just cannot place. Can anyone tell me what movie that came from? Thanks for any help.


Episode 617: The Sword and The Dragon

Hope that helps!


The Sword and the Dragon also known as Ilya Muromets which, when you see it in CinemaScope color with 5.1 sound is much, much better than the print used here.


Thanks @ArtCrow and @lunkquill . You are absolutely correct. Thanks for answering a long standing question in my mind.


You are welcome! Glad to help out!

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