What movies after 2010 are most riffable?

I apologize if this has been mentioned already, but House of Gucci. The bad accents alone are asking to be riffed.


“Scarlet Marlowe!” (repeat it rapidly 4-5 times like Crow’s famous “Bart Fargo!”)

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Apparently so.

How about this…

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For your consideration:

I mean this thing checks all the boxes!

Using inexplicable wealth to make your own movie? :ballot_box_with_check:

Producer / Director / Writer / Star who insists that her movie is “really good” and “a lot of fun” despite all evidence to the contrary? :ballot_box_with_check:

A movie with a great backstory, i.e. making your vanity production while your husband is serving as Secretary of the Treasury for the Donald Trump administration? :ballot_box_with_check: