What MSTied movie memorabilia do you own?

I’m curious to know who among us collect posters and other memorabilia from movies that have been riffed on MST3K? (Not the MST3K versions, mind you, but the original unriffed versions)

I’ve got a few interesting items in my collection, starting off with:

An original poster of Mitchell. I bought this gem a few apartments back, since my bedroom came with this weirdly attached 1/4 bath that I’m assuming was a former water heater closet that somebody had shoved a toilet into (The toilet literally occupied 100% of the floor space, so there was no way to close the door if you wanted to actually use it.) At any rate, Mitchell lived above the toilet, so if you wanted to take a whiz, you had to try to do it while standing practically nose to nose with that face.

Several of the 10" Universal Monsters figures, including the This Island Earth Metaluna Mutant (I’ve got the somewhat rare version that also came with an Interociter) a Mole Man, and the Creature. I especially love that these figures are perfectly in scale with the Tom Servo and Gypsy figures that came with my Shout Factory DVD sets.

An original Rocky Jones Space Ranger badge from the 1950’s. It’s quite hefty and made out of actual metal with a very long and sharp pin clasp on the back, so you could totally use it to shank Winky if you needed to.

The soundtrack to OK Connery, A.K.A. Operation Double 007. It’s by Ennio Morricone who scored a ton of spaghetti westerns, spy, and film noir flicks, including Diabolik, and actually pretty enjoyable on it’s own, just in the context of being goofy James Bond-esque generic spy music.

I’ve probably got a few other items that I’m spacing out on and will remember later.
But in the meantime, show me what cool un-MSTied stuff you’ve got hanging around your house!


I have a pile of the unMSTed versions of the movies (many still on VHS), and a copy of Jackey Neyman Jones’ Growing Up with Manos – she being the actress who played little Debbie. Other than that, not much, really.

*blink* *blink* Now I want to 3D print an interociter…


I posted what I had here… MST Adjacent Merch - MST3K Central - Mystery Science Discourse 3000