What nostalgic movie have you rewatched and it's lived up?

For me, I LOVED the movie “Hook” as a kid, and the movie “the Santa Clause”. Both have lived up to my nostalgic memories and both are stl fantastic.

Space Jam, on the other hand… Yeah… couldn’t even finish it.


I loved Krull as a child, and I still love it on rewatch even though Rifftrax has riffed it. I think Freddie Jones as Ynyr was brilliantly acted.

Perhaps I should post this in the Favorite Cheesy Movies thread?


Colossus: The Forbin Project still works for me.

And recently rewatching the restored hi-def version of Logan’s Run reminded me what a good movie it is.


I turned on my Roku last night and caught Terminator 2. My dad took me to the theater to see that one. My opinion: Still holds up.

Yes, the plot was heavily copied from the first one (especially the Directors Cut with the bonus scenes. It’s the only way the quote carved on the table makes sense), yes, some of the FX haven’t aged well thanks to the tech of today, and yes, maybe not everyone brought Oscar winning performances. But I’ll tell you, I still enjoy watching it. I still have most of the dialogue memorized, I even found myself riffing on various occasions too.

Opening credits pops up the title, I add “Before things went downhill”.

After Sarah Conner’s VHS tape of her outburst at the hospital “Jeez lady, I just asked Cash or Credit?”

It feels like everyone involved in the film took it seriously but had fun too. People forget that the first Terminator had a very low budget with an unknown kid in James Cameron for a director. But for T2, they finally had the budget to do what they wanted for the first Terminator film and yelled LET’S GO!! Plus, for some it was the best acting of their careers. Think about it, Arnold goes from killer robot to Uncle Bob in 2 hours? Not exactly Pacino’s transformation from Army hero to Don in Godfather, but still impressive to me.

Bonus Trivia


The Goonies.

Still a hell of a fun ride.


The Last Unicorn is and always will be the greatest animated movie of all time. Despite that fact that Mia Farrow, of Avalanche fame, could not carry a tune in a bucket. (She is otherwise delightful as the unicorn.)


Howard The Duck!

I wish more movies would end with all the heroes rocking out performing in a celebratory rock concert. Tell me that wouldn’t have made Endgame 1000% better!?


What?! Terminator 2 qualifies as nostalgic? When did this happen? :wink: Hell yes it holds up! Right up there with Aliens (which I guess would also be nostalgic, but I’m retreating into denial about this).

Goonies reminds me of Time Bandits, which I would nominate as one that’s held up pretty well.


The theme song from America.


I’ll never grow tired of watching The Princess Bride or The Dark Crystal.


I recently looked thru the options on Disney+ and there are a bunch of movies I know I enjoyed as a kid and haven’t watched since that I almost don’t want to check to see if they hold up.

That said within a few days of getting the service, rewatched Tron and The Black Hole. Dated but still enjoyable. Still wonder what would have happened with the parks had those two done better than they did, and moved with experiences based on those and avoided the need to bring Star Wars in to revive Tomorrowland.

(I knew about the new Tron rides and the bit on the old PeopleMover, but the original plans were supposedly much larger.)




Starring David Bowie’s batch, heck yeah


I was just talking about Howard the Duck this afternoon! Plate-o-shrimp! My local theater showed it in 70mm a couple years ago. I regret not going.


Disney+ has satisfied a ton of nostalgia for me.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have cable. But the whole month of December, Disney made their channel available for free to those who didn’t have cable. It was a marketing campaign, but my family always just saw it as a Christmas tradition to watch Disney the whole month. I remember watching Duck Tales, Mickey Mouse, etc.


Mothra vs Godzilla, which was titled Godzilla vs the Thing when I saw it at the drive-in. I recently ranked it 3rd in a list of Godzilla movies, so it’s held up nicely.

True Grit (1969) remains a favorite to this day.



I’m even wearing a Yellow Submarine shirt right now.


Escape from New York
The Warriors

Both are still faves of mine.


Weak sauce, people; rewatching a classic and saying it “lived up” doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the question.

When I was very young (barely aware of sex; not aware of homosexuality), I watched and rewatched George Hamilton vehicle Zorro the Gay Blade. This is a Zorro almost-parody with Hamilton in the Zorro role, but he breaks his leg and his twin brother, who is now British and camp and clearly gay, has to take over as Zorro.

Come the Netflix era and I finally decided to rewatch, in the expectations that I would not appreciate the movie’s treatment of homosexuality. But lo and behold, it holds up pretty well! Being wildly camp certainly helps; it isn’t a classic, but it isn’t cringe-inducing either.


Then I’ll retract my answer and say, none. I’ve never watched any crap that I mistook for gold, then came back to it as an adult and thought “this crap’s still great!”

I must have had good taste as a kid (when I was 8, I watched and loved Casablanca, so there you go)

But for my answer I locked onto the word “nostalgia” - which is defined as a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

So in that regard, not weak sauce, and I stand by my answer.