What ROBOT skit did you like best?The worst?

What skit is your favorite with just the bots?

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“Dum-da-deet-deet-deet. Hua-hua.”
“Crow? I don’t get you.”

I can’t think of a least favorite.


That’s a really good one. I can’t think of very many.

How about the one in Starfighters where they’re refueling and the customer support guy calls? I think that one is bots-only.

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I don’t think I’ve seen that one! Looks like tomorrow’s viewing is lined up.

Honestly I’m not sure how many I can think of either. There’s got to be more.

Crow’s Match Game Soliloquy is one of the top entries for “Skits That Didn’t Work For Me”.

I liked it a bit just 'cause it was so strange, but it always irked me that they didn’t have the celebrities in the right places. That could have been because they wanted to have the “jokes” in a certain order, though.

The best!!!

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My main issue with that one is that the answer to the question doesn’t make sense. He says that the happiest day of his life is “the day I bought my boat and the day I BLANK.” Then, all the answers are variations of one’s rear end. However, in order for that to make sense, either the answers would have to be “bought my butt” or whatever or else the sentence would have to be “the day I bought my boat and the day I bought my BLANK.” It bugs me every time!

Now, technically, Mike is in this one briefly, but I really like the Ingar Bergman sketch of counting the slits and boards. I didn’t even get the beer joke (I don’t drink alcohol at all and I don’t know the brands.) and I thought it was great.

When you’re out of slits, you’re out of pier.


I think the joke there is that they would take any excuse on Match Game to say hinder, buns, etc.


Oh, the wrestling skit where they’re one-upping each other being nice is proooobably my favorite one. So far.


Not sure it’s my favourite favourite, but GPC and Servo kickboxing always gets a giggle.


Yeah, and THAT is funny. But then it turns into Gene Rayburn-Crow having an existential crisis, and the whole thing feels like it goes on way too long.