What Should Be Done About Post-Show Interviews?

Since eventually people will get fully-edited episodes of season 13, what will be done with the post-show interviews. They would be very entertaining like the ones with Jackie Neyman Jones or Kelsey Anne Brady. Could they be shown on their own, or will the raw Livestream versions stick around? They’re just as cool as the episodes


It’d be cool if they were hidden around the Gizmoplex like Easter eggs. Touch this panel here, pull that lever there, and voila! Joel’s fruit bowl appears!


They will be eventually replaced by Matt McGinnis staring at a camera and not realizing he’s on mute.


Blu-ray extras, perhaps? :thinking:

They’ve acted as pretty interesting/informative looks behind the scenes.

Unless we’re getting another documentary or possible commentary tracks (:flushed:), these would be awesome supplementals.


I assumed the previews will stick around for those who have them. There’s not just the post-show bits, but there’s also been some pre-show bits, and even intermission bits. Like, Manos had actual additional host segments from Jonah’s crew.

An alternative may be to stick them as “extras” under the episode. I don’t know if that’s something the Vimeo platform can handle though.


That would be the best idea. They’re good interviews, and all fans should enjoy them. They should have an “extras” section for that.
In fact, they could get people to pick up passes to see the interviews live. Just provide clips to everyone, and if they want more, they can get a three month pass.
It’s also a great idea to snag the curious to spend ten bucks to see the live shows.

I rarely watch “extras” on discs, or even “after-shows”, but I’ve watched all of these. They seem more than just interviews. (I guess that term sounds very scripted to me.) If the Vimeo/VHX system can’t handle somehow linking to them from their stand-alone shows’ descriptions, then the Gizmoplex team can hopefully update Theater.Gizmoplex to do it (and maybe file a feature request with Vimeo/VHX).

Also, tributes with film guests like the Manos one would benefit from chaptering, so folks can choose either to watch the film first, maybe skip to any new inserted host segments, or jump straight to the tribute-ing. Maybe all tributes can’t be Manos-Tribute good, but the info and discussion about the show, in context with MST3K, was amazing. Certainly a great value-add for the Gizmoplex subscription.

The many Kickstarter events were lots of fun, too, and I hope they can be included (rights permitting), either in full or in segments, after the work of producing season 13 is done.

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