What was your first computer?

The very first family computer was a Texas Instruments TI 99 4a

Had everything - cassette player, color monitor, expansion chassis with the 5 1/2” floppy drive and additional ram, and of course the extremely important Speech Synthesizer.

I miss it.

I do not miss the next family computer at all. IBM XT. SMFH. When parents were buying it from a “friend” claimed that it was going to be a Mac. It was a 7 year old XT. Sigh.

My first computer that was mine in every way, was an Apple Centris 650. It had the 230mb hard drive, the 3 1/2” floppy drive that could read I and write DOS floppies. I upgraded it to 24 MB ram. Had every Global Village modem available over its lifetime. Over time I added syquest drive, scanner, LaCie hard drives. I really miss that one.


  • my first experience networking was wiring the house for LocalTalk/PhoneNet. Was able to connect both my dad’s apple laptop and my Centris 650 to the LaserWriter NTR that was next to my mom’s IBM connected to the NTR via a parallel cable. I could also transfer files from my Centris 650 to the IBM via the LocalTalk/PhoneNet using some creative trickery :wink: