What was your first computer?

And an OG Kensington Trackball! Nice.





TRS-80 Color Computer was the first one I owned. The first one I ever used was a terminal hooked up to the IBM plant across town that probably looked something like this:



First computer was the Commodore 128 and the 1541 disk drive. Double, DOUBLE I SAY, the power of the C64. LOAD “0:*”,8,1 for life!

Look at it’s sleek lines. Who could doubt the power of this fully operational personal computer!\


Are you me? My first computer was also an Apple II+; one with a slightly janky monitor that I would fix by popping the cover and wiggling things until it cleared up. My favorite game was a text-based Star Wars ripoff that I do not remember the title of.

My grandpa (a machinist by trade and therefore always interested in tech) had a Commodore 64 that somehow he jury rigged to play on a large color monitor (or what passed for one in ‘88).

And I remember when my dad bought our first computer that ran color. It was an IBM of some stripe, and I would play Jeopardy and Mickey’s Space Adventure on that thing till my fingers hurt!


My first computer was an Atari 400. With a cassette tape drive to save things. I remember getting magazines that came with games for it you had to actually type all the code in yourself to run. And hope that you didn’t have a typo somewhere.

My first MS-DOS PC was a home built thing with an 8086 processor and 640K of RAM. And an acoustic coupler modem. That is a thing like you see in the movie Wargames where you dial a telephone and then set the receiver in it and hope no one else in the house picked up a phone. It ran at a mighty 300 baud. My first direct connect modem ran at 2400 baud but overheated so if I was going to be online for any length of time I literally had to set a paper cup of water on top of the thing as a heat sink.

The first computer I ever used was at my high school and was made by WANG. That got a lot of giggles. It also ran using punch cards. I actually learned to program using them in college. With the amazingly high tech EPCIDIC 8 bit system!

God I’m old.


A used Tandy 1000 EX with 256kb of RAM, running at 4MHz (but with a TURBO MODE of 7MHz!). My mother and I both went through a GW-BASIC programming book, but at some point she got stuck and couldn’t continue. I’d get stuck too, but would just skip into the next section which often illuminated the previous one (as the book was written to build upon the previous chapters). She wasn’t comfortable with that tactic so her dreams of being a computer programmer never materialized. Also, she probably never dreamed of that; it was just something to do. I on the other hand have cultivated a career out of “skip to the next thing that someone thinks is more difficult.”

My next computer was a homebrew 486, quite the leap in processing power, which made some of the games I loved run way too fast. Janitor Joe, for example… I didn’t even know there was a time limit to finish the levels, but on the new machine it would be “start… 1, 2, 3, WHOOPS YOU DIE.” Fine. I’ll play this weird game Loom instead. Ooooooh Loom such joy. (Aside: I played it again just a couple of weeks ago and it holds up pretty well.)


One of these bad boys. TI-99/4A.

Saw the box for it in my mom’s basement a couple of years ago and got excited that it might still be in storage. To my dismay, the box had been repurposed.




Apropos of nothing, at first glance, I thought that was Joe Don Baker pictured below Superman.


The first non-mainframe computer I ever worked on at the office was a Mac Plus. It had 56,000K storage, and we thought we’d never fill it up. It started me on a long road, because I like having a little clown ride out on a unicycle and open a file.

The first I owned was a Mac Classic, the first one I encountered that could actually run multifinder, but only barely.


Get your stinkin’ iPad Mini outta my Mac Plus! :crazy_face:


Gateway 2000.


I always got a kick out of their Gateway Country Stores with their farm theming.


I’ll never forget my first Windows PC it was an overclocked Pentium 150 with a 2 GB hard drive. I never thought I’d ever fill it up! Cruising the internet in style with Netscape Navigator 3.02 (which I bought at Staples… back when you had to BUY a decent web browser)

Good times…


My aunt always had really Apple computers we played Hodge Dodge and Oregon Trail on, and printed things up with Print Shop but the first computer that was actually mine was the Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80. I remember playing some sort of pyramid exploring game on it and that’s about it.


Those were the days when “Cooking With Pentium” was no joke, as I recall. Those things ran hot.


And the case was super cramped too! I honestly don’t know how it didn’t melt when I played Half Life on it


Woo! Vic-20! That was mine too. Radar Rat Race was the bomb. (Even if it was just a rip-off of Rally-X.)


When I first got interested in computers, my school had Commodore Vic-20’s so I wanted a Vic-20. My parents bought me an Odyssey 2 game console instead. Because it had a keyboard, so it must be a computer, right?

Later in life, I eventually got myself a Commodore 64, then a used Commodore 128, and finally a used Amiga 500, before I made the switch to IBM with their PS/2 series.

Now I just build my own.