What would an MST3K video game be like?

When you think about how Manos: The Hands Of Fate got its own NES-styled platformer and Rifftrax made their own multiplayer party game, what do you think a video game based around Mystery Science Theater 3000 would be like? What genre would it be? I have a few ideas of what such a game would be like, and I’d be willing to share some of them, but I wonder what others might have thought of.

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It’d be like Toejam & Earl.


Is the goal to simulate the torture the crew must endure? I would suggest either something not very hard but painfully redundant, like beating The Lost Viking mission achievements inside SC2.

Another idea would be a pubishing game like Ninja Gaiden or Dark Souls flavored to be the crew trying to escape the satellite.

For an actually fun game, I would go with casting the Mads as the main characters and it’s a fun platformer like Celeste where they are searching for bad movies to force the crew to watch.

Personally, my idea would be like something of a “Trapped In TV Land” concept similar to like Gex or Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, something in the spirit of like 8-bit/16-bit platformers from the 80s and 90s with that sort of MST3K sense of humor and parody in it. The premise is that it would be an Invention Exchange where the Mads (whoever is currently holding the experiments by this point) reveal that they hired a bunch of disgruntled programmers to make a game based around many of the past experiments that Joel, Mike, and the Bots had to endure for a game system the Mads made that puts players into the game. The human host would then get sucked into the game, so Tom Servo and Crow would have to go through worlds based on the movies they had to sit through to save him. Sounds “been-there-done-that”, I know, but that’s kinda what I picture.

I think since Rifftrax’s game already fills a party game niche, I think you’d be better off doing a point-and-click adventure. It would be a fun way to spread out the set for the SOL like the movie did, and it fits well with the aesthetic of the show.


I would be a big fan of a Lego-style adventure game where select movies could each have their own level. I could imagine a pretty fun vehicle mission for “Warrior of the Lost World,” or something more dedicated to platforming and climbing for “Lost Continent.” You would be able to play as characters from the SOL as well as movie characters, each with their own special attacks and abilities.


I’ve occasionally thought about a jrpg game where the crew have to survive the landscapes of various experiments using riffing skills and abilities. You’d gradually level up to take on tougher and tougher cinematic monstrosities.


The gameplay could be the player playing through levels of various old games that didn’t age well, and the silhouettes on the bottom right would make fun of everything as it happens.


Welcome to the forum, @Bampf! I’d play about anything that riffed the game as I played it.

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Just a reskin of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine/ Puyo Puyo.