What would have happened in MST3K: THE LOST YEARS?

Oh, like canon means anything.

But anyway, as we know from the Sci-Fi Channel years, Dr. Forrester had become a space-child, was re-raised by Pearl, ends up just as twisted and evil as before, and then Pearl finally smothered him with a pillow and moved on.

Assuming Clayton got to adulthood and ended up just repeating his old mistakes, as Pearl claims, does that mean that he attempted the experiments again? Pearl obviously had some pull in the business since she had herself frozen in order to be ready for Mike and the bots in the future, Clayton probably worked wherever she did and may have gotten funding if he promised to be “really, really, awfully evil” this time.

What would MST3K:THE LOST YEARS have looked like? Would Clayton have ended up in Frank’s role to Pearl or start again on his own? Would they be able to afford to build another SoL? What kind of subject could they get and would robots be allowed to join?

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The idea of Clayton and Pearl’s roles being reversed sounds amusing, but I can’t really imagine Pearl getting her own Satellite.

As such, I get the feeling that it would be less interesting without some freak coincidence.

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All I know is that Crow went back the the SOL and had a roommate. Their adventures are being documented in fan-made form:

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