What would season 14 be?

With Season Deep 13 underway in about a week, what would you think season 14 would be like?

I think some suggestions like…

Reriffed - The four hosts (and maybe a fifth) would reriff ten of the series’ most infamous episodes and three never before seen movies with new jokes and some old enemies.

Riffing roulette - 13 selected movies and which to riff first? Only the wheel knows.

MST Warped - The Satellite of Love gets into several time and space warps thanks to the matter transferrance and switches each host during the movie. And even the bots get their voices swapped.

MST Next Generation - Instead of a Satellite with movie riffing robots, it’s a lunar base on another world with tv show riffing anthro creatures.

Who else has an idea?


Plenty of fan-made episode makers do.


It could be a funny idea, but maybe a little too close to RLM’s Wheel of the Worst to feel like MST3K?


I wouldn’t want the show reriff any movies from the “classic” run. Even season 1 movies would be a bit iffy for me, since they were already scripted riffs. Plus, I think a number of season 1 episodes are funny enough as is. Now, what I would like to see is more KTMA reriffs. Phase IV and City on Fire would especially be great.


SST: Death Flight would be my choice for a future re-riff. They would have a field day with the movie’s 70s all-star cast! :smiley:


The argument could probably be made that their wheel is pretty close to Joel’s TV Wheel that he did after MST3K.


Season 14: The Search for Season 15.


Your turn, Mads. That’s season 14.
BUT it could be for a reel or two for an episode, but Kinga and Max get in, then Synthia (who likes it) and Mega, who sits in with Emily wondering if she’s enjoying the experiment too much


If it ain’t broke… hoping 13 introduces a downswing in some of the worst of the Netflix direction, and things even out, get an edge back and expect the audience to bring something to the party. Then it’s up to the Gplex success to see if we get a 14. So the hope- 14 is a locked in on what works season that continues what 13 brings.


I’m hoping to finally get a couple of movies starring Tina Louise so we can finally have a majority of the 7 stranded castaways’ films.

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-A little real for a moment: not kickstarted. If 13 goes well i’d hope future seasons are possible without fan funding.

-Assuming he’s not hidden in this season, and his personal politics aside; Mike. Did he, Tom, and Crow end up sitting through The Crawling Eye on TV? Mike presumably had never seen it after all.

-an episode with a shorter film/shorts and more time wandering the SoL with <host(s)> and the bots when it’s not moviesign.


An entire season of animated films, with the SoL crew being entirely animated.

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Test Patterns! Test Patterns! Test Patterns!

Just 94 minutes each week of a test pattern with that dull “Emergency Broadcasting System” drone for 13 episodes!

Seriously, just keep doing what they’re doing. I do find myself drawn more to seasons like the Gauntlet (or even the Ancient Rome setting in the original series) where there was some attempt to link the episodes together, although I know that’s not a favorite of some fans.

If they want to use Kickstarter to crowdfund a season 14, season 15, season 16, season 50, etc, I’ll keep pledging!!


I mean, reality is if theyre going Gizmoplex from here on out, season 14 (and 15, and 30) would all be “crowdfunded” anyway. Just through GP subscriptions and merch sales instead of kickstarter.

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One million jillion percent right, @Some_Anteater.

(My follow up question is – when will we start planning for S14? ASAP, I’d hope. They can pre-sell subscriptions to the next 12 months of Gizmoplex and hopefully collect our dollars that way, w/o the painful itching and swelling that comes with a Kickstarter… :scream_cat:)

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Season 14.

Crow and Tom Servo recieve an urgent distress signal, and follow it to what appears to be an abandoned space craft. Upon boarding the craft, they find a woman who has obviously did what she could to survive, but is in need of medical attention. Crow and Servo convince the mads to take her in, nurse her back to health, with the promise of making this survivor the new test subject.

Only, this new test subject was a Trojan horse the whole time!

The whole ploy was made up while Emily faked escaping the ship, and the mads were desperate to find a new test subject quick. Crow and Servo infiltrate the mads dressed as the “survivor” and Emily and the bots turn the tables on the mads and inflict sweet sweet justice on them by forcing them to watch terrible movies.

The mads join in on the riffing. While Emily and the bots are still riffing, they get to choose the movies to make the mads even more, well… MAD!

In this special season, the viewers voted for every single movie and the community decided what movies would be riffed.

Season 14: Whoops! All shorts!


My shorts are never boring!