What would YOUR Door sequence include?

SO with the new season coming and there being a likely a new sequence for Emily (fingers crossed), I began thinking what doors I would like if it were my own sequence of doors. So here’s mine:

6- Giant robot eyelid open
5-8-bit game pixelates away
4-Lava flow shutoff
3-Hydralic flip upward
2-Spiral tube pulled clockwise through edge
1-Curtains part

What about your’s? (What do you think sirs?)


Good question! I have NO idea. But I love this post idea and can’t wait to read how creative Mysties are!


Interesting topic idea! Hmmm…

SIX: a colorful pinwheel iris kinda deal (think the Hexfield Viewscreen effect)

FIVE: a wall of multi-colored marbles that fall through the floor

FOUR: two horizontally-sliding walls made out of Tetris blocks

THREE: Old West-style wooden saloon doors

TWO: multi-colored rods that sink into the floor one-by-one to create a wave-like effect

ONE: instead of a vault door, a large spinning film reel that swings out towards the camera like a vault door


Love those. After seeing your list, I’m honestly surprised they never did saloon doors.


Thank ya!

Heh, I’ve always loved the aesthetics of those Western saloon doors.


A few fan-made door-sequences, won’t-you?:


Guns, lots of guns.



An actual pizza.


Beeper, lost and wandering around the SOL for decades.


I need more time to ponder what kind of set up or items would be in between the doors, but for the minute, the doors themselves include:

6: Curtain of multi-colored door beads with black light above.
5: Stereotypical window garage door(metal), that rolls up, gotta have the noise it makes, and it gets stuck for a second when almost at the top.
4: Metal sunburst with different yellow/orange/red/blue colors that opens/closes in a spiral motion.
3: Long hanging plastic strips like they have in warehouse areas, but they turn and open like vertical blinds. Once you go through like 3 cats scatter.
2: I really like the two steel restaurant doors that have been used (with the small round windows). I would keep those, but have them swish back and forth a couple of times before they fully close.
1: My vault door would be the one from the Safe Crackers game on the Price Is Right. (the open/locked light would light up accordingly) Then I’m sure I’d get sued for it.


I don’t know about the whole sequence, but just one time, I’d end it with this


I think mine would be an ode to the different genres of movies that often get riffed.

6 - A slowly turning spaceship capsule (like in Star Crash)
5 - Swinging hospital doors
4 - Creaking wooden door with lightning flashes
3 - What appears to be a time warp portal
2 - Straight up copying @optiMSTie 's brilliant idea → Old West-style wooden saloon doors
1 - A parting water- or lava-fall like any proper rich villain would have

  1. School locker
  2. Loading dock vertical sliding door
  3. Fuse box
  4. Simulated wood texture door
  5. Safe

I love the saloon doors too!

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6- irising door
5- energy door like the old Flash Gordon viewscreens
4- the outside of the Red Dwarf
3- could possibly lead you to think you were looking at the TARDIS
2- Pod Bay door
1- red-orange door from the Enterprise


I always thought mine would be the hallway level from NES Contra.


I think it would be interesting if the areas between each door were designed to pay homage to some odd locations seen in the show. One could look like Ancient Rome, and another could be a “sylvan glen.”


I already created my own door sequence for this video, which was part of my on-line birthday party:

I decided to gather all of my favorite toys (that I still had) and assemble them into “rooms” representing all of the various stages of my life. I took so long to stage each shot, that I had only a tiny amount of time left to actually edit the dang thing, so it came out clunkier than I would have liked. But, it was at least a fun project for me to reminisce over my old toys.

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