What's Going On at Work?

I got an offer at a logistics company which pays more, and offers a position of greater responsibility, with training provided that my current employer is unwilling to provide.

In other words, meaningful employment.

And now I have a very good reason to call off work, using my own PTO, citing those very attributes as desiderata beyond continuing with this current gang of incompetents.


[Aside: somehow, I dispute that the “voluntary” nature of the survey was conveyed adequately by the repetition of the words “MANDATORY” AND “REQUIRED” (in capital letters) in the multiple messages from HR.]

I’m sorry does that say “A seek to understand conversation” as if “seek to understand” is an adjective? Because I feel like if someone scheduled me for a seek to understand meeting it would simply result in even more inappropriate comments.

Yeah…it’s some bit of corporatish jargon this company employs. Just means somebody says, “Why’d you go on and cut the heads off gumball machines, there, Luke?”

No, it wasn’t an appointment. The HR dude was just hanging around like a golem while my team were looking at the numbers for today’s dispatch and then “invited” me to have a little “chat.”

In ordinary usage, I too often seek to understand conversation! :laughing:

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If you’re going to take that new and better job, this is not the topic to post it under, FYI. Unless you have a gripe about that.

OK, I’ll take that under advisement! :innocent:

It seemed reasonable, being work-related, but I can appreciate that.

How about: “What’s going on at work?”

"Incompetence, irreverence, malfeasance, and violations reign supreme.

Starting with management of direct employees and continuing to the level of management driver contractors provide to their sub-contracted drivers."

But in the good news, both of my managers are moving on/elsewhere. Not good news, because I’ve known Eleanor for years and she is quite intelligent, communicative, and hands-on when needed. Great news when it comes to that other guy, who is a miserable specimen in every way, including attention to any sort of detail, major personality maladjustment, despite his years of service.

/* ETA, oh, I see…@NotTVsFrank…no, it wasn’t really the main thrust of my post. Just a circumstance that can set into action a serious of “moves” I can make at work, such as explaining absences as “Interviewing for a company which blah blah.”

Noted and understood! Press the button! */

Well good luck, I hope you get it.

My gripe is that I haven’t gotten mine yet. Working on it, though.


Press the button, Frank!

(Relax…I’m kidding, and even a prime piece of meat unskilled laborer like me doesn’t have a firm enough offer without really closely analyzing benefits packages.

Geez…TBH, I’ll probably stay with my current company, since 30% of my 401K and 30% into my Roth IRA is currently set up that way…which is easily changed…

Maybe it’s a disorder or something, but I enjoy poking at my current employer every now and then.

Amazon driver just got to our post office at 9am… I don’t know why they are getting here so late but those packages won’t get sorted until this afternoon, then won’t get delivered until tomorrow morning :man_shrugging:

Wait, what thread is this? I’m confusing work and gripes. Honest mistake.

As you were.



Funny story about that.

I can tell you exactly why they’re getting there at that time.

Actually, that’s pretty impressive they were there at 0900, although each Delivery Station sets its own timetable that’s kind of a combination of dealing with contracted driver companies, and varying line hauls and sometimes uncooperative semi drivers, and unskilled labor clogging up the belts with their hip hop and their youtubes and such.

True fact: I have never once seen an Amazon facility which had accurate clocks on their timeclocks, nor any of the digital display (seven-segment LED type clocks) clocks. Not even internally consistent.

I conclude that they really don’t insist on the highest standards, nor do they hire and develop the best.

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I think I’m actually going to go by Harbor Freight or Home Depot on the way to work tomorrow and buy a new safety vest.

And wear it on the job. In place of the company-issued “fancy” vest that displays my company role on the back and is color-coordinated and all that.

And, I did just today/yesterday resign from my voluntary role as teacher/trainer/tinker/spy formally.

Yeah, it’s a bit passive aggressive, but third-party vests that are safety compliant are fully permitted.

It’s going to be a mild PITA transferring my pens, notepads, styluses and backup packet of electrolyte powder into the new one, but it is going to be worth it.

Yes, I keep my badge and MFA key on a break-away lanyard anyway, so it’s not that much an ordeal.

I do believe there was a song once made famous by Johnny Paycheck and written by (IIRC) David Allen Coe (or however he spell it). Take this job and I’ll work it, but you’ll know this mule is kicking in the stall, is I think the title.

Perhaps I should not have written the reason I was not showing up today to work was that I thought it was a “cauldron of inequity and wrath.”

I don’t actually know what that means. But it sort of gets the point across, somehow.

Probably. Anyway, it sounded cool.


They used to get here around 5-6am until this week.
Just waiting for the customer complaints-"My package was dropped off at the post office yesterday, why is it not being deliver until tomorrow?? Our cutoff time is 8am so anything dropped off after that time will get delivered the next day. "BUT I NEED MY PACKAGE TODAY! Like NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! :roll_eyes:

Well, then that’s the price of dealing with AMZN!

The L7 Senior Station Manager’s name and email should be available to the public, and the Delivery Station will have code like DAA**N, plus an address.

And the dispatch times for each individual company (DSP) would be readily available, although not necessarily public. Any van driver would know and probably talk your ear off for an hour or so if asked.

A kind word to the distribution station’s manager will surely encourage them to comply with reason. Sorry, :rofl: but that’s what they’re making me say! Actually a good percentage of my 401K and IRAS are in AMZN stock, mind you, voluntarily, and I don’t get any reward for this, as in options for futures, so I want them to do well…but…somehow, they’re not making it.

I somehow don’t think they are “hiring and developing the best,” nor “insisting on the highest standards.” I don’t know why I would get that idea, but they probably are not embodying the leadership principles I hold dear.

Had to go to a post office in the center of the county for Union stuff. Basically one person goes to 3 other smaller post offices and not doing their job. If Management is covering for the slacker then their’s not a lot the union can do to stop it.
Then I had to replace a rural carrier case light that had a broke switch… She’s been complaining about it for months and district maintenance was supposed to come and fix it but never did :expressionless:

The clerk from India can’t park her car between the lines like normal people. She’s either parking on top of one line or she parks on an angle where one wheel is over the line… Today, She’s literally taking up 2 parking spaces and people are complaining but she refuses to move into one parking spot! :man_facepalming:

I’ve got an order of lumber getting delivered today between 12 and 4pm. I put in to leave at 12. My coworker is leaving before 12 and is complaining that I won’t get everything done before I leave… Um yes I will, and besides if I don’t then I’ll just get it done on Monday! She’s off on Mondays anyway so it’s not going to affect her either way GEES! :man_shrugging:

You do realise she’s going to show up on Monday just to make sure everything got done, right?


That’s quite possible!

Yes, the above nosey parker person will most likely show up, likely in bedroom slippers at some random time in the day.

“Just to check up and make sure there wasn’t anything wasn’t needed doing!”

A lightly redacted complain perhaps poorly advised I sent to CorpHR…meh…it’s accurate and I can live with that

"A first written warning was summarily executed and adjoined to xxxxxxxx’s file on dd-mm-yyyy.

This report contains at least one error in fact, which happens to be the only fact relevant to this very serious complaint.

The complainant asserts that he submitted multiple requests to comply with a self-proclaimed “voluntary” survey.

In fact, the complainant’s exact, formal communications characterized these “requests,” in capitalized letters, as “MANDATORY” [sic] and “REQUIRED” [sic], to which the accused, XXXXXXXXX, described such mischaracterizations as those of an “incompetent.”

While Mr. xxxxxxxxxx does not wish to demean any fellow representative of the Acme Corp., and regrets that his tone was abrupt, for which fact he has been chastised appropriately, he does not find that his written behavior mischaracterized the written communication of the Acme representative, nor does it rise to the level of a written warning.

At the least, Mr. blahblahwould like to note that a confusion on the part of the Acme Corp COM LLC employee who initiated this complaint and followed through with the latter could very well be characterized as confusion, or even incompetence, without any term connotating any insult or insubordination on the part of the accused, xxxxxx. After all, the term “voluntary” is not nor has it ever been confused with the terms “mandatory” and “required.” Those are the two terms used by the Acme adjunct to management exclusively within professional communication to characterize Acme’s “request.”

Mr. SirAndSon has already, in private communication with the aggrieved part, offered condolences and has expressed a sincere interest to continue to work with his aggrieved colleague on the best of all possible terms.

Mr. Sir merely disagrees with the written characterization of his actions on this very serious written report against him, and would wish that the complaint be amended to more accurately reflect notional concerns from both parties."

Yes, to my chagrin, I made two or more major grammatical boners…but…hey, who’s going to know?

I think it was a solid note!

No, I don’t know what “notional” actually really means, though…that’s like bars of soaps and various swing-craft stuff, right? I mean, it also means other stuff, but I’m a manual laborer, not a scrapbooker, dammit!

/* And, yes, by the “complainant,” that is HR. I am “the accused.” Just subtitute as one would. */