What's Going On at Work?

Coworker was already blowing up my phone 15 minutes before it’s time to clock in to tell me that the toilets at the post office were acting up yesterday… First it was the office bathroom, then the women’s bathroom, then the postmaster’s bathroom… When you flush them, they start bubbling or percolating like there’s air trapped in the line or like a vent pipe is clogged.
My first question is: Did management call a plumber?? Apparently not. They just immediately start asking where I’m at, forgetting that I’m off on Wednesdays :roll_eyes:
The process is, management has to call the landlord of the property First to get them to call a plumber and because the landlord doesn’t seem to contact anyone nor do anything in a hurry, they just instantly come to me instead thinking I can do something about it… How bout, NOPE!!

Then I just found out that the postmaster is looking to transfer to Florida :angry: He’s originally from Fort Lauderdale so he could be looking at being closer to home. We finally get somebody with some common sense to run this place and now we’re going to lose him. I’m worried that another dipsh!t will be brought back in and ruin this post office again :man_facepalming:


Now water is coming up through the floor drains all over the post office! There’s something going on with the city plumbing that’s causing these issues :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The city came out and snaked the lines, and it seems like whatever was blocking the line is gone now but the stench remains :sneezing_face:


It’s been two solid days of relative orderliness and peace, without that d-bag Vince starting his idiotic shtuff about putting empty carts in X-Ray pod.

Last two days, I set up carts in Yankee pod only, and since returning-to-station drivers in the evening can be supervised, as many of them need to be, there were no shenanigans.

Even though La Peruana won’ t be in tomorrow, she knows what’s right. Andrew and Leo should both be in and they’re on the side of “not being foolish.” Yoshimi should be in as well…she’s less a vocal proponent of my system…but I don’t think she cares too much. She does follow whatever numbskull tends to establish as “the system,” though, so … even though we get along fine, she’s neutral at best.

That coworker of mine is…I’m sure has some good qualities. He served in the USAF, so, points for that, and he self-reports that he shoots a mean game of stick, had one kind of crazy shot he described making with his jump cue. He knows how to shoot dice, you know, just street craps. (Surprsing how many people don’t know! I never even been in a casino…it just seems like common knowledge). And he occasionally he has an amusing anecdote to tell, or a really terrible joke, and is good at just BS’ing to pass the time.

But I cannot abide his slack-jawed ignorance about encouraging drivers to camp out in X-Ray. They can move up to Yankee, and there’s nearly 100% of the time plenty of space.

Fine. He wants to set up his little private reception depot up there, tomorrow and Saturday? Great. He can do it, and I ain’t cleaning up that damned mess up there.

You don’t encourage drivers. You bend them to your will. I’m ten years younger than him and I even I know that! Pinche huevón. I think he secretly likes to just hang out up there and do the physical equivalent of “light filing and typing.” Well, OK, champ. You broke it, you fix it.

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Coworker is off till Tuesday so that’ll be nice. There may still be some back flow residue to cleanup after yesterdays plumbing issues at the post office… I’ll see shortly.
I asked the postmaster about when some new parcel lockers will be installed at the smaller finance post office and he wasn’t sure. The idiot redneck custodian overheard our conversation and said “Hell, I can install them in an hour or 2!” The postmaster said “Oh you thinks so?” “Hell yeah!!” He replied… :roll_eyes: I sure hope he doesn’t take him up on his offer cause I can see that being turned into a calamity with him knocking out the wall, not framed/installed properly or a giant hole left in the wall because he couldn’t actually do the job and leaving a mess behind… :man_facepalming: Just pay a professional to do it right the first time PLSKTHX!

Given the news this morning about Alexey Navalny having died in a Russian prison (read: possible gulag), I’m bracing for the flurry of inquiries sure to happen from higher ups about what this might mean for the Russian opposition. It’s not my wheelhouse, exactly, but it overlaps with some stuff I do, so a bit of it may come my way.



I pummeled that pinche huevón definitively at work today.

This guy…always wanting to put out all these empty carts out…for probably some perverse reason…including where I do not believe incoming van drivers ever need to park. Ever. I don’t want them parking anywhere they cannot be surveilled and punished if they do wrong.

Well, now I have the numbers. That little scrub put out, sua sponte, fifty FIFTY empty carts, just scattered flapping in the breeze all the way up and down, including especially what I consider the “forbidden zone.”

Why he did that, exactly, instead of his assigned task, is anybody’s guess. He’s extremely lazy, as well as stupid, but he also seems to think he has some “game” at being some kind of team leader. He’s not. He’s a seasonal hire, which is fine, you know, that’s how pretty much everyone starts at this company, and I don’t think conversions to regular employees are going to be happening anytime soon at my site.

Out of those fifty, we received twenty five carts full of empty bags at the end of the night.

I know he’s still going to scatter his useless empty carts up X-Ray pod, if I give him the chance, because he’s an imbecile, but I still win.

He can get the steak knives, though, I guess, for a miserable, clueless effort and for making an incredible mess for everyone to clean up!

And the blissful two days he wasn’t there (yesterday and day before), I set up the empties, with some help from La Peruana. Didn’t use any of X-Ray Pod.

Advantage? We didn’t waste a bunch of time doing stupid stuff. Drivers didn’t park like jackdonkeys near the end of the line, leaving seven open spots in front of them. They either waited their turn or dragged their empties up to an empty cart in the appropriate Yankee-Pod.

So, now, that’s Leo, me, La Peruana, Andrew, Yoshimi, and possibly the Area Manager once he sees the complex data (!) who are on Team Right (mine), and this lone clown is down to deal with his extra crap if he feels like it. Nobody else feels like it, nor finds it necessary, and I take credit for nipping that ridiculous practice in the bud once and for all.

It is also a significant safety concern to allow drivers to be unsupervised in X-Ray pod. They’re like animals. You don’t turn your back on them, and you definitely don’t entrust them to safely move and lock fairly heavy equipment on their own.

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Every. Day.


Saturday morning bum-rush of parcels and of course we’re short on clerks and PSEs because, why wouldn’t we be properly staffed! :person_shrugging:
I would help out but there’s one clerk that won’t hesitate to file a grievance that I’m crossing crafts and as a union shop steward, that will get me in a lot of trouble so i can’t.

Also there’s multiple city and rural carrier call outs this morning… extending their president’s day holiday weekend. It’s a coincidence that this happening now because just yesterday the city union won a grievance against management who were putting people on a disciplinary list for showing a pattern of call outs. It’s also funny because 2 supervisors called out the Monday after the Super Bowl and nothing happened to them, so now Management can no longer single anyone out for this.

Turns out the PSE from Puerto Rico called out for 40 hours!! I asked the supervisor how she can get away with that and she said that she’ll be facing disciplinary action when she returns. Again, based on the results from the city grievance, there’s probably not much if anything they can do about it :man_facepalming:


Yoshimi is on Team Stupid, it appears. She was just there yesterday, and she saw the implications of the data! Yes, she knew we controlled twenty-five full carts of empty bag returns…and yet she put out, again, like fifty empty carts. Of course, scattered all the way up there where I don’t want any drivers parking, ever.

Maybe she put up a bunch of useless carts in X-Pod to make that idiot Vince feel welcomed and valued. Who knows. They’re thick as thieves, those two.

Well, I did my part by cleaning up Yankee Pod of all the excess clutter, and left an hour and a half early, and closed all of the pod bay doors with the metal retractable shutters up near X-Ray Pod well early into the evening/afternoon.

Good luck with that, imbeciles!

Why won’t they learn and adapt, those two? Even the drivers seem to have figured out it’s better to not park in a zone they have no ready accomodations. The drivers have evolved!

My teammates? Not so much. Not those two, anyway.

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Another good official jibe in my ongoing attempt to discredit, belittle, and shame this idiot “manager.”

"Last week it was announced a training session was to be held from 2000 to 2230 on 18-Feb-2024, for those employees who wished to be certified or re-certified in TDR [Trailer dock release…you have to stay current on the exact exact procedures in order to have any dealings with the semi-truck yard or signaling a docked trailer is clear to enter by other employees, as well as scheduling things and all that]

When I dutifully arrived at the announced date and time, I was informed that the scheduling turned out to be too “difficult” for so-called “leadership” to manage, and that it was cancelled.

Instead, I was offered the chance to work two hours in clothing not suited for the physical demands of the role. However, as a conscientious team player, I elected to stay and assist my team.

The AM responsible for having announced this date and time for TDR training to the complainant, ________ ___________, should be provided training in correct leadership, for having neglected to communicate the failure of his project to the relevant employees."


HOWEVER, since Yoshimi was the only one, somehow, working RTS, I was actually glad to help out, since, you know. I’d already used half a gallon of gas to get there and got dressed and stuff.

What a surprise. NONE of X-Pod had any carts in it whatsoever! I suspect La Peruana might have used a little bit of forceful “reasoning” with that dorkhead Vinnie and bent him to her will.

That’s my girl…she gets things done. I hope that’s the final nail in that coffin.

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Coworker is off her rocker again… texting me whilst driving from the smaller finance post office to the main post office about how I need to get this done and that moved and a corkboard hung…
I get to the main office and she immediately stops me asking if I got her text? I guess so, but I don’t check my texts while driving… :roll_eyes:
Then she proceeds to follow me around to tell me all the gossip she’s heard around the post office, slowing me down while I’m trying to get her list of sh!t done… :man_shrugging:


Once again they’re short handed on clerks today. Brought in 3 RCAs (Rural Carrier Assistants) to help out with sorting parcels, and i put up the tray mail for the city and rural carriers along with flats (catalogs, magazines, large envelopes), as well as look up addresses for parcels that wouldn’t scan to their route.
Along with pumping up a couple mail truck tires, and some other BS. Definitely earned my money this morning :face_exhaling:

Oh, and there were 4 cop cars that pulled over a silver dodge charger across the street from my post office. The supervisors and I were just watching the spectacle while the K-9 unit was doing their thing :open_mouth:

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Well, this guy has been, I think, inadvertently peer-pressured into doing the right thing and stop fooling around with X-Pod. I don’t think anyone pointed out to him that it’s stupid, possibly dangerous, and creates endless hassle for us… Now he appears to be sulking, because I do suspect that was his private little spot where he could just disappear and do a lot of unnecessary, trivial little tasks.

Probably didn’t help that my Trailer Dock Release training was completed and he’ll have to wait.

Also probably doesn’t help that he’s an overgrown toddler who talks too much and has some serious blind spots as to his competence as a mere laborer.

Next week this completely reckless, inept, navel-gazing, do-nothing, slob of a manager returns from “vacation,” which I seriously hope was a forced reeducation camp for managers motivated directly by observations about his acumen, abilities.

But, now that NFL season is over, and his Cowboys failed miserably, perhaps his beloved Texans will beat the (Las Vegas I guess now!) A(thletic)s a few times and he won’t be such a b-word all the time. I haven’t followed baseball for a few years, so, don’t have anything to taunt him with.

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So that PSE from Puerto Rico quit after burning up all of her sick leave. She apparently said she was tired of working with “lazy people”… :open_mouth:
This, from the person that took multiple breaks ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and a half! Oh, and she apparently got a job with Amazon but supposedly has back issues. I’m sure that will go well over there :roll_eyes:

Isn’t she the same one who disappeared for a couple of months with no real notice?

Suddenly getting buried in recruiter calls. 3 just while I was in daily stand-up. Best bet is a local defense contractor. I’ve worked in defense, and I don’t plan to do it again.


I think that was one of the women from India, but I’m not positive…
She was only here for a few months, and her husband is a supervisor at another post office 10 miles away.
A couple of the senior clerks are purposely slow and I think that’s who she was referring to as we’ve had a few PSEs quit because of their ‘non teamwork’ style habits.

So we’ve got coupon ads that came in over the weekend and there’s no PSEs available to put them out except the junior clerk that’s pregnant. So i help her out and the one senior clerk says she would file a grievance for me crossing crafts, so I had to stop. I can tell the junior clerk was aggravated but technically the senior clerk is correct. I am not supposed to be doing any clerk work because it takes away work from the clerks.
There’s times when working as a team is necessary and I would think because she’s pregnant this would be one of them but apparently not :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I don’t know if this is hilarious to anyone else, but one of my clients* asked what it would take to change their email addresses to use a .org domain name that’s two letters long.

Two. Letters.

Well, for one, you’ll have to pry the domain out of the Sierra Club’s cold, dead hands

* this is not the fault of the person who contacted me; they were passing along a request from their supervisor. I know, not everyone’s completely up to speed on the state of domain name registration, but come on.


O K dot org :laughing:


Last week, the new rural carrier supervisor in training was hacking and coughing and not wearing a mask. The clerk that runs the small post office 10 miles south was helping out to cover for the PSE from Puerto Rico that’s no longer here… Well now that clerk has called out today and tomorrow so now the clerk that’s pregnant has to run that small post office. She asked if my coworker and I could go there and disinfect the place because the redneck custodian won’t do a damn thing down there. Not a problem.

We get back and there’s a crew here to work on our workroom floor tiles that sit atop asbestos! There are several loose or damaged tiles that have been like this for months, even years and they’re just now getting around to fixing them! Looks like they will be working on them most of, if not all of this week so that’ll be fun to work around…