What's Going On at Work?

Yep, I’m really going for the gold here.

Just now under reporting absence for tomorrow:

"Obviously, I’m not going to come in tomorrow after some “entity” not only offered VTO during today’s shift but denied my Vacation request today.

There are very few words for how disgusted I am at RTS management at the moment. You’ll get the workers you deserve, and the accuracy and speed of work you merit. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul."

Technically, I shouldn’t get any “demerits”…I didn’t insult anyone. I was just a giant a**…but, hey, mess with the ram, you get the horns, buddy.

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My latest masterpiece.

If you people think I run my mouth of here, just wait for this one.

And, now, I’m not kidding. I’ll give you screenshots whatever. Apparently I just have a real habit of running my mouth off and…well…and…if you got to go, it’s not going to be for want of trying.


Scrooge them.

Some might say I’ve had enough to drink, but some are wrong.

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Someone needs a stern talking to :open_mouth:

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You know, goddammit, they give every other slack-ass POS a vacation day. And apparently those morons think somebody’s “birthday” is a big goddamned deal. Just do it, bunch of fools.

The delicious irony is that I’ve known “my” manager who is going back to Dallas TX, his boss’s for years. And that TX boy is one hell of a fool. But I got the inside line, except his bosses gotta toe the line and pretend to let him take charge.

He’d better run, that fool. All the way.

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I call out every year for my birthday because I always get bumped by my coworker for Father’s day…
Sorry but I don’t work on my birthday :confounded:

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Well you gotta special deal, son!

I’d reserve that day for spankin’ day. Not saying who or what.

I would say on this special day those fools better shape up and start looking sharp. Ain’t no Chuck E Cheese out here, fools.

Pretty sure my last message got the message across, but after that one, I’m about out of UPT, Vacation time, PTO.

At least I went out looking for good contact. Not like some punk.

/* And yes, I think that was three requests for ONE single vacation day. Did I ask for Jack Shtuff on my birthday? Hell no. Day after? Hell no. And that rooster eating son of a pregnant dog is so Dallas Dumb that he can’t figure it out?

Oh, and the ringer is that my new schedule is M-F…you know…some people might like two days off in a row to adjust.

I have a real good mind to curbstomp that Cowboys-loving cheerboy, but I will abstain.*/

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Eh…I might have gone too far with that last one.

But, I did put it down as “Reason for Lateness/Absence.” And I am good with the site lead and her operations managers…

Hey, that was a pretty kick-butt sign off if some little kitty at HR goes over the top of Mary, our L7 site lead.

Meh. Maybe I’ll get chewed out. Hard to say. Mary could do it, as could Sean…I think they’d each probably delegate it to one of their Area Managers. Oh guess who I see on Monday? Natalya, our new hire Area Manager who worships the ground I walk on! (No, she’s married, but she thinks I’m the main stick among us grunts, for some reason, and she’s not wrong either…it’s either me or…wait for it…La Peruana who is also in on Monday. Yes, Vince the psychopath is there too, but two Aries can hold down the fort and let that stupid freak smell cushions in the back forty or whatever the hell he pretends to do while me and the gals do everything).

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Finished cleaning out the safety manager’s desk, and submitted my eTravel for the month of March. I’ll get over $117 dollars reimbursement.
I’ve decided I’m leaving at 12 noon today. After this hectic week, I’m worn out. :face_exhaling:
I just put in for an hour of sick leave to cover my remaining time for today.

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Every morning at 8am, the carriers are supposed to check their mail trucks for flat tires. At 10am I’m leaving for a bank run and a city carrier stops me saying that his tire is flat …
I drag out the air compressor and tell him he’ll have to pump it up because I don’t have time.
It’s not rocket science people :man_shrugging:

Then i get an ebay return and the buyer didn’t even send it back in the original box so now it’s completely destroyed! I had my carrier scan it ‘Received Damaged’ and will have to contact ebay about this one!

And I came across a clear acrylic cover that fits over the thermostat control panel at my post office. The old one was broken years ago… The supervisor agreed to pay me for it so I just finished installing it. Easy $23.00 :sunglasses:


So the supervisor trainee that has been with us for 3 months is going back to his assigned post office and he decided spur of the moment to throw a going away party for himself, and the other morning supervisor that’s going to be postmaster of a small post office south of here.
So I’m trying to get the break room ready for this catering service before they show up around 8am and here come the 2 senior clerks to take their breaks while I’m trying to setup the tables… :man_shrugging:
Apparently their breaks are more important than this catered service of fried chicken, mac n cheese, bbq, mashed potatoes and whatever else they’re bringing shortly so I couldn’t rearrange the tables until they were done :roll_eyes:

The place is called Midway BBQ in Union, SC. And I think they’ve been on TV for their food. Pretty nice spread of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, gravy, green beans, rolls, and banana pudding with sweet tea. Total was over $1000 :flushed:
Of course the redneck custodian was no where to be found until the food showed up, then he was the first one in line! :roll_eyes:


Apparently, testing of the fire alarms will be happening any moment. Glad to have gotten the warning so I could get out my earplugs and not have to panic about it, but I have no idea what the alarms sound like in this building, and those will cause an anxiety spike in any building. Any minute now… any minute now…


Fire alarms. Hurt. They went off for about a full minute. A very painful sound. So extremely grateful to have high quality earplugs. I took them out for a split second and immediately regretted it. Feel bad for the others around who didn’t have them, they looked miserable, desperately trying to use fingers as earplugs.


And another thing…
My coworker has spoiled the window clerks by stocking their lobby and putting up new displays when they come in.
So I go to see if they need another bank run (which they did) because I’m off tomorrow, and they tell me there was a new display that was supposed to be put up this past Saturday… I said ok, is this something maintenance normally does? They responded “your coworker always took care of it for us.” I said well that’s because she likes doing that kind of stuff… if I get time I’ll see what I can do. In other words, the subliminal message here is; that’s your job not mine. I’ve got enough to do, or they can wait until she returns from vacation on Thursday and then she can take care of it.
So glad I’m off tomorrow :roll_eyes:

OMG!! There’s 3 honey bee hives sitting in the dock vestibule and nobody contacted the customers to come pick them up! They were scanned in at 5am and that’s it! :man_facepalming: It’s now going on 11:30!
Again, my coworker took it upon herself to call these people but she’s not here! I told them flat out I’m not calling them! That’s a supervisor’s job!

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I literally cannot imagine anything more gauche

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Tell me about it! And of course the greedy carriers that don’t care for him were the ones scarfing up as much food as possible! Oh, and his wife and kid show up and the kid starts running around the post office like it’s a playground! :man_facepalming:
I just went and hid in my office till it was time to go…


My coworker is back at work and she’s ranting and raving about what wasn’t done while she was out and I’m just ignoring her .
The carrier that travels between post offices brought Express mail from the other post office across town around 8:30am and didn’t tell anyone! :man_facepalming: They were discovered at 9:45am after the carriers had left the building onto their routes!
So now the supervisor has to call multiple carriers back to pick up their express and they won’t be happy about it!

And customers are continuing to drop off their FedEx packages at our post office and in the blue mail boxes! I had to put signs at the front counter and taped onto the blue boxes: “DO NOT DROP ANY FEDEX PACKAGES HERE. THEY WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. TAKE THEM TO A DESIGNATED FEDEX DROP OFF LOCATION.” I mean come on people! It’s not rocket science :man_shrugging:


It’s a package. The mail people pick up packages. I must be able to leave any package and they will magically figure out what to do with it.

Seriously. Who even thinks that’s okay? Did you once upon a time have a FedEx drop off point and they are just in the habit now?


Yes when we used to deliver FedEx smartpost, but that contract ended a few years ago but some customers still think we’ll just take it to a FedEx location. We won’t because we don’t get paid by FedEx and we would be responsible for them if misdelivered.
If FedEx won’t send a driver to come pick them up, they will be sent to our dead letter facility in Fulton GA.


Whut huh? Mom?
Amazon Video Nash GIF by Red Oaks


So, the only PSE we have left is a bit on the slow side… Not exactly sure what issue(s) he has but he’s been told multiple times how to do his job (I.E. sorting parcels, po box, outgoing, mis-throws, etc)…
So anyway, I had an ebay sale and I always scan them pre-paid acceptance, then leave it on the dispatch table so it goes out with the days mail. Well, it was moved and was not put into any outgoing bins. Asked the PSE if he moved it and he said he put it in the po box hamper for our po box mail. I asked him why and he said because it was for a po box. I said yes it is but it’s for a po box in Hawaii, not here… You need to look at the city, state, and zip code to make sure where it’s supposed to go. :man_facepalming: