What's Going On at Work?

Poppycock. All PO Boxes are the same.

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For my job I have to perform and document a product quality inspection every hour. I also have to perform and document visual inspections and maintenance tasks I do throughout my shift on the machine I operate. So every shift, there are at least 16 pages of documentation I have to fill out by hand (if you count each side of a piece of paper as a page). These pages are then turned in at the end of the shift, likely never to be looked at again unless there is the unlikely event of an audit occurring somewhere down the road.

For years I have wondered why all this paperwork could not be done digitally and stored on a computer.

Well, be careful what you ask for . . .

The other day I went into work only to be ambushed with a surprise class on how to use the new computers and tablets they will be rolling out for us to use for this very task. There was no advance word at all that we would be switching to computers in the future, just boom here it is.

When it comes to computer literacy, I’m very much at the “See Spot. See Spot run.” end of the spectrum. These new computers & apps didn’t seem too difficult, but the real test will come once I try using them on the production floor with all the noise and hubbub and machine malfunctions and other assorted emergencies going on around me.

The class was taught by a couple of people from corporate who I gather have rolled out this program in a couple of other production facilities. But they do that corporate-speak thing of using a lot of acronyms that they assume you know when in fact, those of us who actually do the work never ever use such silly things.

The one that got me was the repeated use of CIL. I knew I’d heard that before and should know what it meant, but I had to lose track of what she was saying while I racked my mind trying to recall what CIL stood for. Correctly Identify Lupins? No. Count Imaginary Lungfish? No. Congratulate Indiana’s Leprechauns? No. Aha! Clean, Inspect, Lubricate!

On the whole, I think the switch to tablets/computers will be a good thing, but I worry about the durability of the tablets, especially given how careless some of my co-workers can be with stuff which isn’t their own personal property.


The supervisors at my post office switched to tablets so they can walk around while doing their work on the tablets… Multi tasking while walking around has turned into a disaster! 2 tablets have had to be replaced from being dropped so now they’re attached to hubs on their desk where they stay.


That is my main concern. In fact, in the class they gave us my first question was “How sturdy are these things?”. I didn’t want to come right out and say my co-workers are mindless klutzes, but I’m sure gravity will on more than one occasion overcome the half-hearted efforts of some of them.

But the tablet will be handy because the machine I run is pretty big and one has to walk all the way around it to perform some of the checks and maintenance we have to do. Plus they want us to take pictures of any repair issues we send to the maintenance dept. now, so we’d need a transportable device for that.

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So back to this guy, apparently they won’t send him to window school because they’re probably afraid he won’t pass. If he doesn’t pass the postal window school exam, we cannot send him or any other PSE to window school for 6 months.
The other window clerks have asked him to do simple things like scan the placards when the morning mail arrives, then bring that equipment in to be sorted. He’ll scan them on the dock then come inside not bringing anything in from the dock and has to be told to bring it in. Or, look for a package with a tracking number provided by the customer… He totally misses the package looking for something completely different. I don’t know what they’re going to do with him because he will wind up going regular full time when he reaches his 2 year mark as a PSE. We can’t get rid of him as the 90 day window has long passed. He will probably just be relegated to sorting parcels :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I’ve heard similar stories coming from the Atlanta RNDC, and I was at the Gastonia, NC RNDC last month… I heard similar stories there as well, not to mention one of the front doors marked off because it was not safe to go in and out of, and a first floor bathroom out of commission so people had to use the 2nd floor bathroom instead!
I’d like to think things will improve before the Christmas rush, but I’m not holding my breath :face_exhaling:

At my post office, we’re short clerks once again. The supervisor asked me if I could help with po box mail and passing out the coupon ads that arrived yesterday afternoon. I told him to talk to the senior clerk about it because if she’s going to file a grievance for me doing that then no. If she won’t file a grievance for me crossing crafts then yes. He goes to talk with her and amazingly, she said she would not file a grievance against me. Just now finished those tasks and everybody’s happy :smiling_face:


I was heading out for a bank run this morning when this city carrier (who’s actually a cousin of my late wife) asked me if I would go get the supervisor an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I told him I wasn’t going near there, and besides the last time I went they gave me someone else’s order!
Apparently this is another thing my coworker would do as a favor while she’s out doing bank runs… Well I don’t! I don’t drink coffee anyway! They also don’t want to pay me eTravel when I make a detour like that, and once again, I don’t want to have to deal with another screwed up order! Besides, they open early here so she could swing through on her way to work if she really wanted to! :man_shrugging:
Just let me get the change for the clerks and get back so I can get my regular job responsibilities done!

A rural carrier calls me saying she needed air in one of her tires… She notifies me 15 minutes before I go to lunch! Once again, they are supposed to check their mail trucks at the beginning of the day for any issues, not when they are getting ready to leave for their route :man_shrugging:

We’ve got this rural carrier that constantly hums and sings random songs out loud while working on casing his route! He claims to be a professional karaoke singer but noone here is impressed… Sounds more like ‘Croaky-okie’! :roll_eyes:
GARGH! STFU ALREADY :confounded:

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Unless he is getting paid for the singing, he isn’t a professional.


Perhaps it’s time to fight back by humming and singing random MST3K songs:

I’m a danger to myself and others . . .

Every country has a monster . . .

He tried to kill me with a forklift . . . .

Who, who will I kill ? . . .


I think he does get paid, from what I overheard in his conversation :open_mouth:
They could be paying him to sit down and shut up :laughing:

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I have to go to the office this afternoon and tomorrow morning for annual meetings with a vendor who is in town. This will be my second time going to the office since Nov. 14 (pre surgery). Oh, and I won’t even be able to sit at my own desk in the times outside the meetings because our person based in chicago is in town for the meetings, and I told her she could use my desk while she is up here since I will need it less than her this week.


The stupid redneck custodian is stirring up more sh!t again… this time with a city carrier.
The city carrier needed gas in his mail truck but dipsh!t takes the gas can with him where ever he dissappears to, claiming it’s his personal gas can and that he supposedly uses it to cut grass at other post offices…
So, DARC (dumb@$$ redneck custodian) says he’s not letting the carriers use his own gas can, even though he’s using a postal debit gas card to put gas in it! Then DARC starts bragging about how the people we hire nowadays are nothing like what they used to be and one of the city carriers overheard him and went off on him that he needs worry about doing his own damn job and he needs to mind his own damn business and other things!
The supervisor had to separate them, and I had to go get gas in the postal authorized gas can (that DARC refuses to use) so the city carrier could go on his route!
Just another day at the post office :man_facepalming:


Goddammit Jessica! Judas fricking Priest! Enough already with what will now be two solid weeks while you traipse around the PNW, I guess, while your husband finds a job.

Or whatever.

I’m really glad to have the second week to have even twice my allotted time around that idiot Vince.

He is so effing stupid.

Yes, we can make the jokes and all that, and stuff gets done…but everything he does is wrong. He can be amusing, which is great, but I don’t need a joker at work, I need a partner who is on the same page and is acceptable to me on a personal level, meaning, I respect her.


Well, Vince is competent, I guess. The job itself is not that difficult. But I prefer not to be around annoying people.

In our new squadron victory formation, or whatever, it’s now only Jessica who doesn’t annoy me.

She is not very entertaining, mind you, and I can hardly understand half of what she says, but she does have an extremely dry sense of humor, such that it exists, and we understand one another.

So, she doesn’t annoy me. Boo hiss to her for taking two weeks off.

But it leaves me with more time to get to know the sexagenarian Jamie better. Her topics of conversation include: “how long it used to take her to commute before she transferred here” and “springtime allergies and what kinds of medication she takes.” Yep, just those two topics. And believe you me, nobody else brings those topics up. Every ten minutes or whatever. She’s a nudge, I believe is the term.

All she does is complain. Constantly.

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3 mail trucks needed air in their tires so far this morning… These new metrics mail vans made by Mercedes have blaring TPMS lights that flash bright on the dash when the tire pressure falls below 40psi, so bright that the carriers can’t see the speedometer! I guess coming from Germany, knowing your vehicle’s speed is not that important.

So I’m doing a postal insurance claim on one of my own items and no one knows how to process the claim! :man_shrugging:
The supervisor passed it onto the lead clerk, the lead clerk didn’t know what to do with it and she says “Why is this being passed onto me??” What’s really funny is that the in-house postal online form they have to fill out and submit says “Do not ask these questions in front of the customer.” Probably to compare answers to determine if it’s a fraudulent claim. Yet, they need me to provide the answers to their questions!
I have 20 days to get this claim processed before I go on my cruise because the 20 days will elapse while I’m on vacation and then it will be denied and I’ll have to file an appeal!

And I drilled out some stripped po box screws at the smaller finance post office so they can change the lock.
Every Thursday I come back to work, it seems like a cluster F :man_facepalming:


The old tilt lift was acting up first thing when I came in this morning… Turns out the battery box ground wire had corrosion built up on it preventing a good connection and causing it to arc and spark. Disconnected and pulled the battery out, used some terminal cleaner to dissolve the corrosion, cleaned up the terminal, installed and reconnected the battery and it’s working like a champ.
The one senior clerk says just keep it working until the end of July (when she retires). I told her that I hope to keep it working longer than that :+1:

The lead clerk is back working on my insurance claim. I’m standing on the other side of the supervisor’s desk and she says “You don’t have to hang around, I’ll take care of it.” Ok but yesterday you were asking me a dozen questions about how and what to fill out in the online claim form, but that’s fine. I’ll just go to lunch… :roll_eyes:
Back from lunch and my coworker had to help fill out the online claim form! Just Wow! So as I said, this is a supervisor’s responsibility but she passed it onto the lead clerk who couldn’t figure it out, then she enlisted the help of my coworker to get the info entered in and the claim processed… :man_facepalming:


It was a peaceful Monday, then my coworker shows up and starts barking orders at me! I NEED YOU TO GET THIS AND THAT DONE FIRST THING! The dumb@$$ redneck custodian called out so I have to do his job apparently… Then the supervisor yells I NEED YOU TO CHECK THE TRUCKS TO SEE WHAT MAIL TRUCK THIS KEY GOES TO! :man_shrugging:
I tell them both “I’m leaving at 9am for a dentist appointment and then a Dr appointment with the pulmonoligist and NO I’m not coming back, so let me get this stuff done!!” GEES! get off my back already! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Oh and the postmaster’s lock box key that holds all the master keys is missing! So i had to change out the entire lock mechanism and install a new one :man_facepalming: alright, I’m outta here!


Was really looking forward to work this morning, but the schedule looks like the person who is supposed to work with me today is almost certainly not going to show up, and the morning supervisor always makes whoever shows up do both jobs or the worse job if both people don’t show up. I really hope either someone decides to pick up another shift last minute, or there is a really slow morning this morning. I’m just going to pretend and hope that doing the job I was scheduled for is enough.


Today’s my day off but my coworker just had to call me this morning… :man_facepalming:
The redneck custodian called out again today. She thinks he was sitting out in the front parking lot in his psycho girlfriend’s car checking to see if she was doing his job cleaning in the front lobby. If he called out then why would he even be here?? I would normally think my coworker is spinning up another conspiracy theory but apparently he’s been known to setup someone he doesn’t like to place blame on in an attempt to deflect the attention off of him, and he’s had a lot of attention on him for his childish antics lately.
I told her to jot it down in her little journal she likes to keep for future reference in the event it actually was him because that could be considered harassment and quite possibly stalking. The unfortunate part is, the security cameras out front of our post office haven’t worked in years so there’s no real evidence to backup her claims.
All I know is after tomorrow, I’m on vacation until April 29 and I won’t have my cell phone on (well Airplane Mode) the entire 8-day cruise :sunglasses:


Said no one, ever…oh wait… :laughing: