What's Going On at Work?

Fine. I’ll ask. What the sweet baby octopii is a stuffed teacher gnome?

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Can’t decide if cute or disturbing.

Both. Both is good.

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If there’s one thing every overworked, underpaid teacher in America needs, it’s more crap like that.


mac and me aliens GIF

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Water’s out. Again. Guys working outside broke a pipe and flooded the new City-County Building next door. Oops.

They don’t know when the water will be back on, so my boss said, “Okay, everyone can go finish the workday at home.” Thing is, I have 80min left of work. By the time I got everything packed up, got out the door, got home, got the home workstation set up, got the printer unpacked and booted up…workday would be over.

I’ll tough it out for another 80min, then get out of Dodge. It’ll be real interesting if they don’t get it fixed overnight…

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Power went out twice half an hour before shift ended because of monsoon and lighting.

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Team is running short this week; several people on vacation. The boss wanders over to our cluster of cubes and asks the other two guys on my team individually how things are going and if they need any help.

The boss does not ask me.

Should I be insulted that they didn’t think to check with me or complimented that they didn’t think I needed the offer? Either way, whatever. I’m getting overtime $$$ this week and next.


He might think you have everything under control but he could just be purposely ignoring you :confused:

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It’s Friday…I’m at work…I’m in charge.

F*** working all day, I’ve got a premiere tonight and some tasty dinner to prepare. HALF DAY EVERYONE!!!

(Yeah, we’re going home early…cuz I said so!) :woman_shrugging: :rofl:

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Are you Charles?

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Sadly, no. :disappointed_relieved:

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Stressful. One particular contracted company is still screwing up just about every day. They’d be late to their own damn funerals.

And the Lazy Blob brain trust among my own crew never fail to underperform and generally foul everything up.

I am responsible for ratcheting up the tension when it’s time to…frack or walk, but there’s nothing I can really do to change impossibly tardy drivers nor their managers making ridiculous decisions. Yes, using blue language over the megaphone is a no-go, for sure. Ask me how I know! Or better yet, don’t!

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I took Friday and Monday off for my birthday weekend.

Friday I had to go to an hour long meeting and then do an hour long follow up meeting, which meant being pulled into like 2 additional hours of work, so half that day off was spent working.

Today is been nonstop in my slack messages trying to get answers on something that (1) I answered on Friday already and (2) can wait until tomorrow.

They do not respect my off time AT ALL. Is delete slack, but because my role is “client success,” whatever someone else screws up I have to fix anyway, so it’s better to do it my damn self.


Covering for someone, so I was tasked with closing the main account, only to find out our new paperless system generated another necessary task for electronic feed invoicing, and NO ONE TOLD ME. The vacationing co-worker had one line in a 6 paragraph email saying something about “see so-and-so when you get to this place,” but that was sent last Tuesday (LOTS of emails since then, yo!) and so-and-so has been out with Covid, so I didn’t even know they were here today.

Not knowing this has now caused the necessary renaming of 400+ electronic files. And while my co-teammate is sympathizing with me, IT is doing a GREAT job of making me feel like an idiot. And I don’t like feeling like an idiot. :triumph:

Anyway, how about those Avs?


I’m a web designer and I need to log into my client’s hosting account. Which I just attempted to do and I run into 2-factor authentication since it’s a new device. So I emailed the client for the code and got an autoresponder that they are out of the country… until July 11.

Guess I’m on vacation!

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I’m leaving! THAT’S what’s going on! :rage:

Well, I’ll be back tomorrow…lol. Tomorrow is our Friday! WOOHOO LONG WEEKEND!


Was a minor Covid outbreak at work yesterday, fun.

I wasn’t in, but I am today.

Back to my ebay store… Got another ‘choosy beggar’ wanting me to come off my listed price for some Luminara candles my wife has listed for $80 with Free Shipping…

Hi ~ Will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE accept $60 for this candle set? Did I say PLEASE ;o)
Thank you

:roll_eyes: They live in San Bruno, California so it’s not going to be cheap to ship them from the eastern side of the U.S. where I’m at so I respond:
I’m sorry but due to the increased shipping costs along with ebay fees, I am unable to go any lower than the price listed.
Estimated shipping costs Plus ebay fees will be around $20 and my wife paid around $45 for this set so if we came off the price $20 we’d lose money on her asking price.
Yeah not gonna happen!
This is why I don’t use the ‘or best offer’ option on ebay because our prices are already listed for the lowest we can go.


True Story: Back in 2011-12, I went to work for a company and my boss was a complete @$$hole. At the end of 2011 he apparently got a big bonus and next thing I saw was him driving into work in a brand new (at that time) 2012 Camaro… He brings me and some coworkers out to show it off and the first thing I thought was ‘we helped you get this?!’ :roll_eyes:
Our annual reviews came up shortly afterwards and we got our annual raises; One coworker got $1 raise, and I got $0.69 :rage:
A few months into 2012, I and a couple other coworkers put in our 2 week notices. Not long after we left, we heard that boss got ‘transferred’ and wasn’t heard from again.