What's Going On at Work?

This product review gig seems to pretty much suck…


It’s got its perks; 1) You get free products to keep 2) I get commissions off of the sales and 3) If I don’t want to keep it I can just sell it on eBay. So honestly it’s not a bad gig overall., Until you start dealing with a few nit-picking sellers that make you just want to sever business ties with them altogether, and in this case I think I’ve reached my limit with this one.

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I have my annual review today in like an hour. I really hope that they give us raises this year

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Guess who got a raise!

This guy

Lot’s of kind words from co-workers too


They’re probably hoping you’ll invite them out and buy them beer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hahaha yeah I’ll take 'em for beer :beer:

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Yeah, we’re still a bit swamped at AMZN.

Part of the deal is that, once the heat reaches a certain point, we reduce the size of each van driver’s route.

So those go out to flex drivers (people in their private cars). And if we can convince some of the van companies (DSPs) to take some of those routes…for…fun and profit, we can offload some of that to them after main dispatch.

I actually had a good time staying late and working flex dispatch with two of my favorite people at work, Jen and Carrie. They are extremely amusing: very close work friends who speak their own kind of language and constantly fake-squabble with each other. They are also extremely competent, and they were as glad I was there to help as I was glad to not be stuck with some under-performing nudniks.


Haven’t heard back from that dumb@$$ but this fits…

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Just me and Sherina (and Mike, but he’s an “inside” employee…we don’t really allow him to do things) plus my shift assistant and a process assistant who was busy doing daily bridge report, filling in for our area manager.

This is for “extra” bonus hours rolling out an ad-hoc sort, which was planned/mapped staggeringly poorly, of which I was one of the few from OTR who actually could remember how to digitally stow to a route.

Every step of the process was late as hell, had to manually override almost every driver while having no entrance, and just whoever trying to get those mfs to slow down and put it in park.

SO I had a real man-Karen (I forgot what the term is) who actually said, “I want to speak to your manager!”

Correct response? “Sir, this isn’t a carwash. I am your manager.”

Esprit d’escalier.

/* actually the better would have been to make that mf separate NW Portland from Banks, from SW Portland, since I already gave him an override. And, since I’m such a “nice guy,” I would have done it right this time, splitting up routes. His exit time doesn’t touch my metrics at all. */


So we busted our butts to get a brand new feature made and it turns out that the business requirements gathering done by the customer facing team was completely wrong.

We just built a feature only a few customers will want / need and the real feature needs to be sussed out and built in a very short timeline

I wish I could say this is the first time it’s happened to me in my career that I’ve built something great that doesn’t fit the business need because management didn’t understand the use case…


The idiot postmaster is starting to come at me with petty projects the last couple of days and I’m pretty sure it’s with regards to an upcoming grievance being filed for a clerk crossing crafts at her tiny post office doing custodial work that is supposed to be contracted out but hasn’t been since 2014. So she’s probably PO’d about it and she’s taking it out on me giving me these miniscule things to do, even though I wasn’t the one that told the union about it. I am overseeing the RFI (request for information) and gathering it all together for the craft director to file the grievance…
The end result could lead to a massive payday for back pay we’re owed where after being split 5 ways (to cover all of us in our department) we could each receive several thousand dollars in back pay :astonished:
The postmaster’s going away for 10 days starting August 3 and we’re all happy to hear that, even the supervisors can’t wait till she’s gone!


This looks like something my postmaster would do…

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GEES! My coworker with OCD was off the hook today!
Saturday is supposed to be a laid back day but she insisted on wanting to get this done and that moved and this pallet out to the dock and this cage out to the dock then wanting to rearrange the cork board to hang Dept of Labor posters, then get pallets of trays and magazine tubs wrapped up and moved to the dock and then fix this and find a place for that…
Then carries on a conversation for some 25 minutes outside my office with the senior clerk changing the topic multiple times from antique furniture to arraigning her husband’s closet to yammering on about the daughter in law she adores to the other daughter in law she doesn’t care much for, then about the redneck custodian who doesn’t do jack sh!t and on and on and on without taking a damn breath of air it seemed like!
Wholly crap it took everything I had not to tell her to just shut up and stop already!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Just unreal!


This young gal at work, Sophie (I think she has a boyfriend, and is only 22 years old, so there’s no nothing to say about that).

She and I were resetting a row of aisles that are used for stowing and sorting parcels to go out of the station, which here means taking those bags, opening them up, and putting them, empty, in each little wire baker’s rack assemblage.

Damn! In under an hour she and I got the whole aisle done. That’s fast! And I had four hours sleep and was going slow, and took a brief phone call from a pal.

She did it somewhat wrong (SOP is that no two same-color bags should be in the same column, and no two bags of the same color should touch each other on the horizontal axis…but I think I’m one of the only people who bothers with that), but she gets a gold star!

That, and when I was working the megaphone getting the vans out of my beloved drivelane, she was clearing each zone to make sure drivers were in their seats, and people weren’t fooling around playing grab-___ in the drivelanes.

I was glad she was doing that, because not everybody is actually up to that fairly simple task.

I enjoy working with people whom I respect and are competent! Good for her: she always brings her A-game to the job. It’s a good thing!

/* OH YEAH BABY!!! Boom! 2h17m overtime for me this past week. Somebody’s going to get chewed out, I’m sure, but it won’t be me! */


Reading your posts reminds me of my years supervising in the package center at Brown. On Saturday ‘s I ran the sort and did the dispatch solo for years. I got tons of OT and regularly scored 2X when I was there over 12 hours.

Never a dull moment, right? :grin:


A person of the dispatch!

Well, yeah, for the people on my team who are paying attention, there really isn’t any dull moment! There’s a bit of downtime for people who are waiting to roll freight out to the vans between dispatch waves, but so many of those carts (U-Boats…Unterseebooten?) are loaded up poorly, they should be fixing them after letting the UTR pick and stage people know some more training need be done. Taking pictures! Naming names!

Keep movin’, movin’, movin’
Though they’re disapprovin’
Keep them dogies movin’

Cut 'em out, ride 'em in
Ride 'em in, let 'em out
Cut 'em out, ride 'em in


Pinched a chunk of my third finger on my left hand this morning trying to move Amazon returns to a cage. Already gone through 2 blood soaked bandaids this morning but it’s not bad enough to go to the ER.
Then a new carrier discovered she needed air in one of her mail truck tires like 3 hours after she was supposed to have done her vehicle inspection, so I have to drag out the compressor just to add maybe 2 pounds of air all while trying not to injure my finger further :roll_eyes:
Not a fun Monday so far…

Back to my Amazon product reviews…
A seller wants me to do a product review video of some wall mounted lights which they want me to install. Problem is it would require running dedicated wires from a junction box and in the wall which I am not about to do.
Oh sure just spent a couple hundred dollars for a $50 pair of lights? Yeah not gonna happen :roll_eyes: