What's Going On at Work?

Yep she came in around 9:30am. But before hand, I had a special project for the illustrious postmaster. Apparently someone from district is moving into a spare office up front so i had to get it straightened up and setup a computer for her.
Then the guys showed back up to work on the front entrance light so i had to block it off and divert people to the ramp entrance
Then the postmaster had us straighten up the maintenance shop and remove old tires, equipment and other crap that the redneck custodian has brought in for his own personal use. We put all his crap in a cage for him to either take home or throw away.

Hell, i should have called out!

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Almost had a mutiny or a riot on our hands when our newish Area Manager (a retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant, E-8…IOW, not some fresh-out-of-college dork, but an actual experienced leader, with both carrot and stick mastery) decided to quite fooling around with one of our delivery contractors.

The drivers did not care for being told not to write on their oversize boxes (anything that doesn’t fit into one of the totes/bags)…they are constantly getting out with kind of miserable load-out times.

Which is ridiculous, anyway: the induct sticker (the colored sticker on parcels you see when ordering things fulfilled by Amazon, UPS, FedEx…pretty sure they all use the same Avery machine to induct parcels to get them sorted correctly) has everything the drivers need on it. It has the sort zone (which geographical area that part of their loads goes to) and a driver assist number, which allows them to organize according to where their itinerary will have them stop first.

Only one company has that “problem,” which is too bad, cause I like the company, I like the owner, and the dispatch leads who help their drivers load up…but their drivers are…they need strict daddy discipline, and Kylee, one of the dispatch leads, with a cute smile, who looks like a young Ally Sheedy, and is really nice, especially to me, is, frankly, one of the leads not exactly helping her drivers to my satisfaction.

Too much jibber-jabber! Fools!

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Forgot to mention that before I left work yesterday, the guys working on the front entrance lights needed the power turned off. Couldn’t find the breaker in the panel and when we turned off the breaker we thought it was, it shut off power to the front counter computers :open_mouth: yeah that wasn’t good. We told them we had no idea what breaker it was as they’re not properly labeled in the panel. So I’m not sure how they will have to proceed :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

And the PSE that wrapped up his foot under that BMC a few days ago is back with a boot on his foot, but apparently brought strep throat with him as he’s been hacking and coughing all over the workroom floor… :man_shrugging: PERFECT!! Yeah thanks a lot :roll_eyes:

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So they are “electricians” that can’t trace a circuit? The tools to do that are pretty cheap so should be in their toolboxes. The panel in my house wasn’t labeled when I moved in so I got some cheap tracking equipment and was able to trace every outlet and light socket and find what breaker it is on.


Ya’know, I’m not involved in who hires these so-called contractors but apparently they here Post Office Contracts and they think big money and say “Oh Yeah I can do that!” :roll_eyes:
I try not to get too involved with these projects but somehow get dragged into them anyway :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Something happened at work that’s too toxic to post here or on this forum so I posted it in the RiffTrax forum under ‘Other Toxic Topics’ for those that are curious to read…

It should be available for public viewing but I’m not sure :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Nope looks like you need to have an account with their board.

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Well crap.
I honestly don’t think I can post anything about it here other than it pertains to Pride month and a senior city carrier going off inside the post office about it and the horrible things he said…
It’s really shocking.

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No I think that’s as much detail as we need. :slight_smile:


Welp, Mr anti pride carrier had a PDI (Personal Discipline Incident) report filed on him because of his Incident Friday and he’s still working. He acts like he did nothing wrong. I guess the Zero Tolerance policy is just a piece of paper that is not enforced when it’s clearly violated :person_shrugging:

In other work news, the postmaster wanted me to replace a lock that we don’t have a key for because a district manager is moving into the office next to hers.
I told her 2 years ago we needed maintenance to come replace the multiple broken/missing door knobs and locks when i made an inventory…
Now it’s become a pressing issue but she should have handled it back then.
Again, piss poor planning does not constitute an emergency on my part!


Yeah, I was able to read that…my browser is smarter than me so remembered my login…

Huh. Well, some people.

To lighten things up, we had a “healthy snacks” day yesterday after dispatch, so we had some crudités, you know, broccoli, carrots, whatever, and some kinds of sauces.

After break I come in and a handful of the more macho dudes were chowing into it and I said “Well, looks like the vegetable eaters came out of the closet!” No, nobody heard except these dudes and our Area Manager. Probably not the best choice of words, but believe you me, I sometimes speak before thinking and I forgot it was beginning of Pride Month.

But I did learn that some people think broccoli increases testosterone! Or something. That’s good, because I like broccoli and other cruciform vegetables. Just not enough to eat them raw or blanched.

But I got to see my best friend at work cry after hearing at the end of August our dispatch station is being moved to a purpose-built facility out in the sticks. And, no, I wasn’t really able to comfort her…she’s a talker, not really a hugger, and I’m the opposite. But we all survived.

I really enjoy not being able to help or support my best and closest coworkers. It’s a great feeling of powerlessness. And yet, this one knows I’m there for her among others…I just can’t do anything. Not my bailiwick. All I know how to do is if someone is having a meltdown is give them a comforting hug, and a few words, but wheels keep rolling. Jen does not want that, anyway: she wants to get it out, and just keep on going. Her among many today.

But, she is a Cancer sign in the Zodiac, so it makes sense. And she values our small team of stalwarts more than the money even, as do I, to some extent.

I go where Jen goes, and where Chuck goes, when we figure out options. Can’t break up a good team. I value my close people too much.

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Yeah I posted an update similar to what I posted here.
Lost all respect for this tool.

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Back to the world of Amazon reviews…
Been full bore with review videos since my vacation last month. I’m starting to get overwhelmed which is good as I can pick and choose what I want to review.
Lately, I’ve been dealing with a few ‘flim-flam’ vendors that say one thing and do another. They claim they will send a product and never do. Another claims they will pay me commission then back out with some lame reason that they didn’t like the review with no option to correct it. Just now, a vendor was supposed to send a light bulb style security camera 2 weeks ago, then contacts me just now that the project is finished and that they now want to send me some cheap wall mount camera. I told them I was not interested. Besides I have another vendor sending me a better light bulb style camera that should arrive today (the provided tracking number is proof).
Overall, it’s still a fun gig and I get to keep the products (or sell them) when the video reviews are complete. The local truck driver I work with is my best customer for some of these products and he always pays me in cash. At work, I’ve been given the nickname ‘Mr Haney’ from the old Green Acres TV show :smile:

And then this morning I received this product…

Who sent it?? I don’t have a clue! :man_shrugging:
Pretty sure it’s a logistics mix up and I got someone else’s product to review. I’ll go ahead and review it when I get caught up on my other scheduled product reviews and wait to see if the mystery vendor contacts me.
As my wife says, “If it’s Free, It’s for Me!” :grin:


Coworker is supposed to be on vacation until June 20, yet she’s still here… Working! :man_facepalming:
The postmaster has been off since Wednesday and will not be back until middle of next week so its gonna get more peaceful here very soon… As soon as my coworker gets the F out of here :person_shrugging:
And then her husband called her wondering when she’s coming home… She told him she didn’t know because she had a lot to do. No she doesn’t! We’re all caught up here! GO AWAY!!

She finally left after 12 noon. THANK YOU!!

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In other postal news, those electricians working on the front entrance lights finally showed up today (Friday) around 11:30am… They were supposed to be here this past Monday!
Sounds like they are going to finally fix those overhead lights and they even brought an electrical tracer to find the proper breaker in the electrical panel. I’m leaving at 1:30 so We’ll see…

I have never, ever, in my entire life, someone as desperate to be at work as your coworker seems to be.

I wonder what her house is like.

From what I’m told, it’s immaculate. She apparently bosses her husband around like she does me at work… I’m sorry but I would not be able to deal with her at home. Apparently, her first husband couldn’t either.

Man what a difference a work day makes when the postmaster and coworker aren’t here! It’s so quiet and peaceful, like it’s supposed to be! :confetti_ball:
On top of that, the electricians actually did a great job covering up the old light fixture and installing new LED lights at the main entrance. All it needs is a coat of paint. Only issue is if they returned our water key to operate the outside water spigot valve. Waiting on the rural supervisor to show up to see if they gave it to him yesterday evening. If not then he needs to contact them to get it back.


Yeah, even though I hear some salty language among the drivers sometimes, but always in a joking way, to Amazon’s credit, or maybe just the individual managers involved, that would have been a hard “Get your a$# over here right now! There’s a written warning, and stay here until Safety and HR personnel come over to sign this!”

I suppose that’s a benefit of not being a union shop: not too much red tape to cut through.

I had no idea that forum was still up/active! It seems you’re one of the main sticks over there, so I might take back some of the things I said about you!

Oh, work? Really? June 23rd is date they chose to apply and be accepted for a transfer to someplace else?

I work dispatch! I’m really good at it! As are a few of our team! Hot drivelanes, calling the shots, managing times, TCB! None of us are going to start work at 0120 way out in the middle of nowhere doing jobs we hate! Ridiculous!

It sounds like there may be something happening to this carrier behind the scenes but again actions speak louder than words so we’ll see…

Yeah the RiffTrax forum was pretty active from it’s beginnings in latter 2006 into 2007 when I joined until only a couple years ago when a lot of members stopped posting or went elsewhere (like here)… Now it seems like a barren desolate wasteland :frowning_face:
It would be nice if some folks or new members came around to revive the RiffTrax forum :grin:

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