What's Going On With Your Weather?

We were on the edge of a strong thunderstorm a couple hours ago but missed us by a couple of miles. Now, another storm is approaching with lots of lightning and thunder and will pass over my locale after 7pm :open_mouth:

Hurricane Lee (now a Cat 2 with 100mph winds, moving North at 8mph) will likely bring direct impacts to parts of New England (Massachusetts to Maine) and the Canadian Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland) by this weekend. Bermuda is under a Tropical Storm Warning.


Getting ‘indirect’ effects from Lee as a cool Northeast wind blows into my area…
High won’t even reach 80F today :open_mouth: It’s gonna feel so nice today :melting_face:


The promised cooler, wetter weather arrived yesterday afternoon.

My weather station kissed 77F then dropped into the 60s an hour later with rain. Temps continued to fall and we had an inch and a half of rain yesterday afternoon and evening. Heavy downpours a few times and then lighter showers in-between.

Currently 52F and the high today is only expected to be in the low 60s with more rain.


HURRICANE LEE – Storm diminishes to Category 1 as track continues towards Gulf of Maine; Wide wind impacts anticipated to effect the northeast overnight tonight into Saturday.

Low to mid 70s, slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky, perfect weather for an after dinner / pre-watch party cocktail on the back porch.

Life is hard, but it’s good.

It’ supposed to be wild over here, too. A little rough but the farmer’s market is still open (though many outdoor vendors moved indoors). Will see what it is like soon.

Scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms will move across the area this morning and through the afternoon before pushing east this evening. The primary threats with these storms are cloud-to-ground lightning and torrential downpours. We could receive between 0.5-1.0 inches.
Went ahead and cut the grass before the storms arrive. This might be the last time I have to cut it this year but we’ll see :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Here to the north, we expect a little less of the same. Showers and maybe a storm, with maybe a half inch rain.

Hmm… Something looks to be brewing off the SC coast :open_mouth: The NHC is giving this system a 20% chance of development.
My supervisor is currently on a 8 day Eastern Caribbean cruise out of Charleston so that could be problematic when the ship returns this coming weekend.

I hope the lads have no problems on their return, but…

If the system in question could move a wee up north and throw some rain our way, that would be nice. The local airport only recorded .03 yesterday. All the little showers yesterday missed us.

Highs this week in the mid to upper 70’s, lows in the upper 40’s. Twelve hours and twenty minutes between sunrise and sunset today. First taste of the Autumn rains will arrive next Monday.

Formation or not… This tropical system sliding up the east coast will bring lots of winds/rains into the Carolinas.
Friday/Saturday seems most active GA/SC/NC/VA.

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Yeah, but will it get any significant rain to my part of Va is the question (well, that’s the question I care about). We’re running 8-10 inches below average, and have been low all year.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say yes but it probably won’t be a lot…
Still several days to watch this one.
Latest estimates show anywhere from 1-3 inches along the entire east coast so You’ll get something out of this system early next week or so.
2pm ET Update: NHC still 30% for SE Atlantic spot.

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Impressively strong rain storm happening here today. This is great!

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The coastal low chances are continuing to increase for the weekend in the Carolinas. The exact location and impacts are still uncertain until it forms, but rain & winds will probably affect my locale with stronger impacts more likely along the coast obviously. :cyclone:
Short-range in-house guidance cranking up the coastal low Friday with northeasterly wind gusts up to 30mph in the Charlotte, NC area.


Blazing Heat Wave GIF
At least we got out of the 100s


Indeed. GFS predicts I’ll get 2+ inches Saturday into Sunday (please) , the European model says .02 inches.

My prediction is you will receive rain amounts greater than (>) .02 inches :+1:

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